1. R

    Globalisation versus community

    If anyone hasn't noticed the media coverage of the trade debate today, brought back to public consciousness for the first time in at least a decade, now that Trump has started trade wars with....all sides are either pro-tariff/anti-tariff, nobody ever questions whether "free trade" in principle...
  2. F

    Steel versus Steal

    February 26, 2018 / 12:23 PM / 3 months ago Trump says wants to revive steel jobs even if it takes import tariffs Reuters Staff When Trump said...
  3. Franklin

    Trump supporting moron versus Ted Cruz I wouldn't mind seeing Trump elected because then I could watch these American morons starve in the streets.
  4. P

    School 1957 versus 2016

    School 1957 versus 2016 Most of you reading this are to young to remember the schools of the 1950's. School 1957 vs 2016 Just shows how screwed up our society is becoming mainly due to “politically correct.” By today's standards, none of us were...
  5. Franklin

    Hillary versus Trump

    Ronald Reagan was supported by The Moral Majority. Whether or not you agree with their morals, I think they deserve credit for making morality an issue. Today morality is no longer an issue. The Left treats its politically correct views like a fundamentalist religion and never even asks why...
  6. Franklin

    Feminists versus Free Speech
  7. Panther

    Occupations: Republicans versus Democrats

    Democratic vs. Republican occupations
  8. roastpork

    Unions versus Right to Work States.

    Turns out minorities do better in 'Right to Work' States.^_^ Right-to-Work states are doing a better job of providing opportunity for minorities seeking work, according to newly released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS. The comparison between Right-to-Work states and...
  9. baloney_detector

    Liberalism versus Conservatism is for Saps

    ....simply because individuals don't tend to fit into those two categories that are invented for them. Myself in particular, I'm all over the damn place regarding a wide spectrum of issues. And I know many other people who are the same way, in reality, even though they proclaim to be...
  10. baloney_detector

    Skepticism versus Denialism

    Skepticism is not the same thing, conceptually speaking, as denialism.: (If the word "denialism" isn't in the dictionary, then perhaps it should be.)
  11. skews13

    More Versus Enough...Time To Reset Our Values

    Article: More versus Enough-- time to re-set our values | OpEdNews This article explores what I think has become just about a mental illness-- the desire for "more" and the corollary "bigger." This is a disorder that has been stoked and encouraged by the media, even by political leaders...
  12. Noska

    Abortion Versus Abandonment

    There has been a renewal in the Abortion debate in the United States and much complaint by conservatives of the babies "murdered" since Roe Versus Wade. As a young woman who does not see motherhood in her future I wonder what women are expected to do if in a moment of careless they become...
  13. Noska

    Flee Versus Fix:Why Is There Such a Stigma Attached To Leaving The US?

    I am in my 2nd year in university with plans to attend either Medical or Dental School(haven't made up my mind yet). After I obtain my degree in whichever of these fields I plan to pack my bags and get the Hell out of dodge(migrate to another country). My decision gets me more crossed eyed...
  14. roastpork

    Illinois versus Oklahoma

    Here's a brief comparison you will find interesting. I thought these two e-mails, the first about Illinois and the second about Oklahoma, made an interesting contrast . . "A State with No Republicans!" Very interesting... Makes ya wanna move there, doesn't it? (Not!) A wonderful...
  15. Uncle Han

    Immigration Reform versus Unemployed America

    Immigration Reform versus Unemployed America With millions of Americans un- or underemployed, it's difficult to see how any political party that's looking out for the folks would want to import more people. America doesn't seem to be able to provide jobs for the people already here...
  16. roastpork

    Notre Dame versus The Crimson Tide?

    Who do you want to win? I'm pulling for Alabama, Norte Dame is just lucky, and they have let me down too many times in the past.
  17. K

    Ethically Standards: Business Versus Science

    Ethically standards: business versus science I have read accusations that scientist are not always honest; that they produce reports to impress bosses, for example, in tobaco laboratories, drug companies, etc. In such institutions scientists “have a strong motive to fudge data;” they are...
  18. rumpelstiltskin

    The rich versus the rest of us

    Apparently, you and I owe an apology to the extravagantly-rich in our society. They're reported to be in a deep pout and a political funk because We the People have hurt their feelings. This stems from the public's simmering anger over the fact that the Wall Street barons who crashed our...
  19. C

    Individuality: Creation versus Adaptation

    Individuality: Creation versus Adaptation Creation/Adaptation—Meaning/Biology—creation is to adaptation as meaning is to biology. Our species is a great experiment by Mother Nature—can a species of animals with self-consciousness survive quick extinction? We might usefully consider...
  20. L

    Bonuses versus Salary

    The following article about CIT's new executive talks about how Obama's pay czar emphasizes CEO pay that is more stock than cash. I thought the administration wanted to preserve jobs. When a company's stock price starts to tumble, one popular method of making the stock more attractive is...