1. RNG

    Three expert views on NoKo meeting

    Note that last one.
  2. xMathFanx

    What Views from the Other Side do you Most Agree With (if any)?

    What View(s) from the Other Side do you Most Agree With (if any)? If you tend to identify with a political label/spectrum leaning, discuss what view(s) from the opposing side(s) you most agree with. Why?
  3. imaginethat

    Russia is poisoning people in the UK for political views

    Politics has a .......... different meaning to Putin and his buds. Poisoning of Russian Ex-Spy Is ‘Almost Beyond Comprehension,’ Tillerson Says Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson on Monday called the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain “an egregious act” and added, “It appears...
  4. Sabcat

    The UK is detaining people for political views

    First Brittany Pettibone now Lauren southern.
  5. tristanrobin

    No Wonder Opposing Views Can't Discuss Like Adults

    I just read this article on "Townhall" website. The split/hair semantic division is, IMO, absurd (and, of course, because it's a conservative site, biased). It's no wonder that we can't discuss an issue - any issue when we are forced to contend with such semantic gymnastics. Leftism Is Not...
  6. foundit66

    Nine percent of Americans say neo-Nazi or white supremacist views are acceptable: sur Welcome to our reality. Some people are taking a stand and speaking out against it. Others are obfuscating and denying the problem.
  7. L

    GOP views 17-18

    1.Build wall in south 600, 700 or 900 miles president + Pence + Sessions wanted. 2.Introduce 400,000 police force by Academy. 104,000 in FBI. 200,000 in CIA. 3.Stop illegals in after will. Immigration laws next 6-9 months. 4.Listing 4 or 5 allies for America in 2018 begin. This I've to said...
  8. SpaceShipCmdrAlphaDelta

    Should people with liberal and conservative views expand their interests?

    Most of the people with conservative views I know prefer reality shows, sitcoms, sports, and/or religious programing. I tend to find sci fi and fantasy fans among my left wing and moderate friends. Nothing wrong with that but why can't people be more open minded? Game of Thrones is...
  9. Sabcat

    Some views on the warped and dysfunctional

    One lasting legacy (among others) of the Soviet Union is its deceptive distortion of language – dressing up ugliness with innocuous and nice-sounding terms, as predicted by George Orwell in his seminal and much-quoted work Nineteen Eighty-Four. For example, if someone says that they’re for...
  10. RNG

    Space Views

    The BBC has a series of space related photos, part of an exhibition at the London Natural History Museum. Enjoy. Striking views of our Solar System - BBC News
  11. RNG

    One Story: Three Views

    Colin Powell appeared on ABC's "This Week" and among other things talked about his use of a personal email system when S of S. Politicususa claims this completely exonerates Hillary. The National Review claims his was totally different and Hillary is guilty as sin. And UPI just gives...
  12. imaginethat

    The Falcon Has Landed! Epic Views of SpaceX's Amazing Rocket Landing

    In the early days of manned space exploration, the mantra was: Rockets will never land like they do in the movies, coming back to earth on a pillar of fire. Makes for nice movies, but in reality that would take too much fuel. Reality just shifted. Take a look at the video here: The...
  13. LongWinded

    America's Views Align Surprisingly Well With Those of "Socialist" Bernie Sanders So

    So what does that make us? America's Views Align Surprisingly Well With Those of "Socialist" Bernie Sanders | Mother Jones America is tired of the capitalism that runs over the working American and veteran. We are turning our back on worshiping the rich.
  14. RNG

    Two Views of Putin

    Here's another column from one of my favorite analysts, the CBC's Neil MacDonald. I have posted his stuff before. It's a bit long so I will just link it but it briefly describes Putin as seen by a gay female Russian who wrote an unauthorized biography of him and by the former head of the CIA...
  15. RNG

    Two Views

    On two days I got two e-mails from CNN. Yesterday - Today - Truth and beauty.
  16. A

    Question about Syria and my non-interventionism views

    I am all for non-interventionism, of course. With the whole Syria situation, yadda yadda I know every side of the story. I think the point being that if we 'care' about the Syrian peoples as much as we pretend do, wouldn't any form of aid be considered interventionism!? Like if we went...
  17. D

    Distant history still influencing modern political views?

    For example in case of Ukraine and Poland: ============================== This territory (red borders) was considered as Ukraine in the 17th century, as compared to modern Ukraine (black borders): As you can see modern Ukrainian statehood expanded in all directions compared to...
  18. Uncle Han

    Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views

    Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right wing political views Weaker men more likely to support welfare state and wealth redistribution Link may reflect psychological traits that evolved in our ancestors Strength was a proxy for ability to defend or acquire resources There...
  19. imaginethat

    Paul's Ascent Cannot Be Separated From His Foreign-Policy Views

    Thank goodness someone in the media understands the difference between isolationism and non-interventionism. http://www.theatlant...tors_picks=true