1. skews13

    Dossier On One Of The Most Vile Pieces Of Human Excrement On The Planet

    The Phoenix New Times have been covering the heinous acts of Sheriff Joe Arpaio for two decades. Their coverage angered Joe Arpaio so much he even orchestrated the arrest of two reporters, an act that later cost Arizona taxpayers millions and was deemed unconstitutional by a judge. After...
  2. skews13

    Turns Out The 1% Are As Vile As We Thought They Were

    Such victims these poor filthy rich bastards. We might only confiscate 90% of the offshore money out of pity. Besides, they'll need that other 10% to pay their back taxes.
  3. LongWinded

    The 1%'s Vile New War on Us All

    Rich People Are the Worst: The 1%'s Vile New War on Us All | Alternet The wealthy and their GOP apologists talk about poor people as the takers. They have it completely backward. Absolutely. While the right wing loves to bash democrats who point out the welfare checks of the rich as...
  4. highway80west

    Vile Voice Mails Cost Agency $1.5 Million

    Vulgar Voice Mails Cost Debt Collection Agency $1.5 Million - AOL News (June 2) -- A fed-up Texas man has turned the tables on a collections agency. Advanced Call Center Technologies, usually in the business of collecting money for its clients, now finds itself $1.5 million in debt to...