1. RNG

    You need the wall, just at a different border

    Tweet from Fox News: [
  2. F

    Wall Tenders

    I wish I had this insight first: “Fellow liberals,” he wrote, “If you are interested at all in ‘crossing the aisle’ you should consider following @BenShapiro. I don’t agree with him on much but he’s a genuine person who once helped me for no other reason than to be nice. He doesn’t bend the...
  3. RNG

    Trump says Mexico will eventually pay for border wall

    No, this isn't a blast from the past. This is tonight. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-wall/trump-says-mexico-will-eventually-pay-for-border-wall-idUSKCN1IV033
  4. F

    Tear Down That Wall

    Recently I got to wondering how many Confederate statues were removed. This morning I found this: Which Confederate statues were removed? A running list By Christopher Carbone March 11, 2018 Which Confederate statues were removed? A running list | Fox News When race hustlers...
  5. U

    The wall is BS, It will never be built.

    it would cost a trillion $ and take 10 years, minimum, and it wouldn't do a thing about the 30 million illegals who are already HERE! Most FLY here anyway. If you dont put a rifleman atop of the wall, every 1/4 mile, with trip flares, night vision and shoot women and kids, the wall will mean...
  6. RNG

    The Republican President wants the military to pay for the wall

    So first he brags about him, overcoming great Democrat obstruction got lots of money for the military. Now he wants them to spend a big chunk of it to build his stinking wall. He sent out one of his confused tweets two nights ago with something about "M will pay for the wall". Several...
  7. RNG

    What Border Agents Say They Want (It’s Not a Wall)

    It looks like the average US Border Patrol agent is way more intelligent than the average Trumpanzee or the current Republican President. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/22/us/politics/border-patrol-wall-immigration-trump-senate-democrats.html
  8. skews13

    MN Mosque Bombers Caught Leader Of Group Bid On Trump Wall

    So yeah, I get that there were some big developments on Tuesday and Wednesday that took up a lot of reporting. But come on, we actually have terrorists who committed crimes and violence on American soil, caught and about to face justice. Why is the mainstream media not making a bigger deal...
  9. L

    Ted Cruz has brilliant plan to pay for the border wall.

    I don't know how anyone can argue with this idea without exposing themselves as mindless political hacks who oppose it simply because who proposed it. (CNN)Forget that talk about Mexico footing the bill for President Trump's border wall...
  10. justoneman

    DACA / Wall

    We all know what President Trump said. He said that it was wrong for the DACA issue to be made into a quasi law by Obama as an executive order. He was and is correct. This is not how laws are supposed to be made. He has stated that congress needs to pass legislation on it and that he would...
  11. skews13

    Trump Could Have Had DACA, The Wall, And A Spending Bill Then He Blew It Up

    The deal would have been an all-around victory for him. It gave him $1.6 billion for the border wall he so badly wants. It gave him a DACA fix for Dreamers, the "bill of love" he'd asked Congress to give him. And it would have given him the votes to pass a long-term spending bill to both fund...
  12. S

    Build the Wall!

    Illegal Immigrant Sorry He Only Killed Two Cops: ‘I Wish I Killed More Of Those Motherf*ckers’ [VIDEO] An illegal immigrant charged with murdering two California sheriff’s deputies in 2014 began trial Tuesday by interrupting the court room with a horrific rant. Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes...
  13. L

    Proof a border wall works.

    There is no way a reasonable person can argue with the facts of El Paso, Tx and the border fence there. https://nypost.com/2018/01/13/we-already-have-a-border-wall-and-it-works/
  14. RNG

    Eminent domain vs the wall

    A company called Cards Against Humanity which invents and sells board games is getting political. It is, using subscriber's money, buying plots of land along the Mexican border and has lined up eminent domain lawyers to make it as hard and as expensive as possible for the Republican President...
  15. imaginethat

    30-Foot Border Wall Prototypes Erected In San Diego Borderlands

    Dudes! It's happening!!! And I think I remember DJT saying once we/he got on it, it'd take like six months, no one could do it faster than he, stuff like that. Here we go. Another promise kept. 30-Foot Border Wall Prototypes Erected In San Diego Borderlands About a half-dozen...
  16. RNG

    The wall is being built

    But nowhere in the story is there anything about Mexico paying for it. So, 2000 mi X 5280 ft/mi / 30 = 352,000 thirty foot sections. 352,000 X $500,000/30 ft = $176 Billion. US hands out first contracts for border wall prototypes - BBC News
  17. Nwolfe35

    Trump demands that Mexico President stop saying that Mexico will not pay for the wall

    Trump, who is used to being able to push everyone else around, is finding out that is not how things work on the world stage. In a phone call on Jan 27th with Mexican President Enrique Pena, Trump demanded that Pena stop publicly saying the country will not pay for the border wall. "You...
  18. tristanrobin

    Another Plea for the Trumpeteers to Read the Writing on the Wall

    This is no ‘rookie mistake.’ The Trump team shouldn’t even be on the field. “I love it.” That’s how Donald Trump Jr. responded, we now know, to an email last year offering dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. What I love is the defense of this attempt by senior Trump...
  19. RNG

    Donald Trump talks up solar panel plan for Mexico wall

    Trump tries to be the green president. I don't think it's going to fly. But the guy just can't keep from fucking up. My emphasis. Is he that unaware of the world around him or is he just such a narcissist that he thinks if it's a good idea it must be his? Or both? Donald Trump...
  20. McCoy

    About 40 percent wall in south California my quess list

    Already news from April. Perhaps South California border. Stop illegals crosses the country. B) B) B)