1. houseknight


    Palestine is stronger than Israel, due to steady support from almighty anti-Semites. Palestinians break rules, for example, Oslo accords, perform rocket firing and terror for many years, and remain unpunished. Moreover, they get billions in exchange for their anti-Semitic aggression. Well, it’s...
  2. E

    Why banks love war and the war economy

    is it merely a coincidence that the Rothschild-owned The Economist newspaper always favors war over peaceful solutions, whether it be in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or Syria?
  3. reedak

    Chinese tourists can help country win trade war

    1. Dan Kopf is a reporter for Quartz based in San Francisco. He covers economics and markets. Dan has a Masters in Economics from the London School of Economics. The following are excerpts from Dan Kopf's April 12, 2018 article headlined "If the US wants to reduce its trade deficit, it...
  4. reedak

    Trump’s trade war hurting US economy

    1. The adverse impact of Trump's tariffs could be felt in the rising prices of washing machines and the scrapping of solar projects in the US. Similarly, thanks to Trump's disastrous trade war with China, Latin American countries like Brazil are selling abundance of soybeans to China at US...
  5. B

    Was it a mistake not to have launched a war of intervention in Russia in 1918?

    There was a body of influence in the British Parliament in 1918 to launch a war of intervention against the Bolsheviks and it was resisted. If the Bolshevik revolution had been reversed at least the mass murder instituted by Stalin until his death would not have taken place.
  6. R

    ACTION ALERT: It’s Been Over a Year Since MSNBC Has Mentioned US War in Yemen

    Why is the No. 1 outlet of alleged anti-Trump #resistance completely ignoring his most devastating war? https://fair.org/home/action-alert-its-been-over-a-year-since-msnbc-has-mentioned-us-war-in-yemen/ That's the subheading from this FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) investigative...
  7. RNG

    China using Russian strategy in trade war with America

    Basically, several experts think China will simply devalue their currency (even more) to minimize the effect of tariffs and just wait it out. That was Russia's strategy and it was quite successful. That is successful for a government that doesn't have to worry about getting elected so can ride...
  8. RNG

    Trump threatens Iran -- Is this a red line?

    Anyone know what instigated this? Was his cap lock stuck or was he yelling? OK, it has hit the news now. The mother of all wars is coming if Dotard messes with Iran selling its oil.
  9. Camelot

    Trump Lies About Korean War Remains

    This is a new low for this creep. Cadet Bone Spurs has been bragging about the return of the remains of 200 heroes killed in the Korean War. Only problem, the draft dodging coward lied..........AGAIN https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-korean-war-vets_us_5b352c42e4b007aa2f7e5080
  10. imaginethat

    2018 Quinnipiac poll: Trump picked as worst president since World War II

    Looks like Trump's not the right-wing Messiah after all. More: Poll: Trump picked as worst president since World War II | TheHill
  11. tristanrobin

    Trump Is Waging a Trade War In the Dumbest Way Possible

    Trump Is Waging a Trade War In the Dumbest Way Possible President Trump says we need to be “smarter” in how we deal with other countries. And yet his approach to extracting concessions from our trading partners has proved very, very dumb. Notwithstanding Trump’s Twitter declarations...
  12. R

    US War Crimes in Raqqa- Amnesty International report

    So, where is Tom Friedman and the Neocon hordes and associated CIA-sponsored 'human rights'/regime change campaigners when you need them? Over the last few years, how many times has the only news from Syria been claims of poison gas attacks by the Syrian Government, "white helmet" saviors...
  13. houseknight

    Strange war in gaza

    STRANGE WAR IN GAZA Valer: Just Israel is largely to blame. Let recall another state in the World, which in response to rocket fires on its territory gives the enemy electricity, water, food, money (collected from taxpayers in Israel)? I do not know another country like that. It would not...
  14. U

    Can Trump end the war on poverty

  15. D

    Scenarios that could lead to nuclear war

    What do you think are plausible scenarios which could lead to nuclear war? I mean both on the strategic level what would lead to it, but even more so on the tactical level, how might it plausibly play out that one of the sides decides to use nukes. I'm talking here specifically about nuclear...
  16. U

    retrogrades want 6.8 caliber war rifle.

    but we can use softpoints or hp's if we want. We never signed the Hague conventions. The Geneva thing never mentioned such bullet and the Hague only applies to DECLARED wars, not fighting terrorists. Spec ops guys have been using the 77 gr hp 223 load for years now. The 60 gr softpoint is...
  17. U

    real reason we went with 223 rifles for war

    and why the rest of the world gave up the .30 AK for the .20AK. Troops fire 50,000 rifle rds for every hit that they get and only about 1 hit in 4 is lethal. Since the rifle accounts for at MOST 10% of battlefield casulties, it makes no sense to burden the soldier with bulky, heavy rifles and...
  18. reedak

    US-Sino creeping trade war intensifying

    The Pentagon has banned the sale of Huawei and ZTE phones in retail stores on US military bases, citing the so-called "unacceptable risk to the department's personnel, information and mission". “Chinese commercial technology is a vehicle for the Chinese government to spy on United States...
  19. Z

    Reality Check: Who’s Funding the White Helmets?

    “As the U.S. moves closer toward all out war in Syria, a lot of what our government seems to base its intelligence on, especially claims of chemical weapon use by they Syrian government, is an impartial humanitarian group called the White Helmets. You’ve no doubt, heard of the White Helmets...
  20. KillTheCarnage

    Trade War Fun Time, Bring on the Night!

    Oh yeah, I love the chaos this is bringing the globalists! At least Trump is getting one thing right, disrupt global trade. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-28/eu-sounds-alarm-over-trade-war-as-trump-puts-gun-to-its-head