1. pensacola niceman

    How Many Of You Are Going To Watch The Royal Wedding?

    Come on ladies of the board. I bet you can't wait to watch it.
  2. W

    Unique Designer Wedding Cards

    For a personalized event, consider the design and print quality of the wedding cards. Keeping in mind the once-in-a-lifetime event a marriage is for the bride and groom, wedding cards should be simple, yet elegant., and of course – special. It is important to work with the wedding planner on the...
  3. Cubbie

    Utah paper rejects same-sex wedding announcement

    SALT LAKE CITY – A southern Utah newspaper has rejected a gay California couple's wedding announcement, saying its policy is to publish announcements only for marriages legal under Utah law. The Spectrum in St. George initially accepted a paid wedding announcement for Tyler...
  4. garysher

    Couple fight homosexual-accommodating language in RE-DEFINED wedding license

    Couple fight gender-neutral language in wedding license September 16, 2008, By Jennifer Garza, The Sacramento Bee Last month, Rachel Bird exchanged vows with Gideon Codding in a church wedding in front of family and friends. As far as Bird is concerned, she is a bride. To the state of...
  5. D

    My Wedding, My Marriage

    Three weeks ago, on August 2, 2008, I was able to marry my partner of four and a half years. We got engaged two years ago, just before I began grad school, and we decided then that we would wait until the summer after I graduated to have the ceremony. At the time, and all through our planning...
  6. tristanrobin

    Gay Wedding Central

    CNN is showing video of hundreds and hundreds of gay couples getting their marriage licenses (and many getting married) in CA. People lined up and cheering them and wishing them well on this most emotional and celebratory occasion. It makes one almost cry with joy that we're witnessing...
  7. F

    A gay wedding at a black Baptist church

    Now here is something I thought we would literally NEVER see. Sure, there was controversy and debate, but the fact that it actually happened... well, some might just call it a miracle. Thanks, HRC! I thought I would leave you all with this piece of good news on the social progress front...
  8. CNN

    Senator questions judge's role in lesbian wedding has just posted the following: Read full story for latest details. </img> Click here to read the entire article...
  9. alias

    Muslim Fun Day Wrecks Wedding

    Couple's wedding clashes with Muslim fun day By Nigel Bunyan A couple's plans for a £5,000 wedding at Alton Towers were thrown into confusion yesterday after it emerged that the theme park had double booked them with a fun day for 20,000 Muslims. Amanda Morris, 30, and her fiance, Scott...