1. intangible child

    GOP: A Party That Hates Women

    Romney and Ryan envision an anti-woman economy and society, but women are increasingly key to winning elections. Missouri GOP senatorial candidate Todd Akin's absurd comment that women's bodies can prevent pregnancies in cases of "legitimate rape" is disgusting. It also points to a deeper...
  2. intangible child

    Romney’s Women

    Mormon women's recollections of Bishop Romney's advice raise questions about how moderate he really is. http://www.metroactive.com/features/Mitt-Romney-Mormon-pregnancy-counselor.html
  3. Jimmyb

    Binders Full of Women

  4. intangible child

    Israeli Women Fight Orthodox Curbs

    JERUSALEM, Sep 6 2012 (IPS) - After filing the first-ever class-action lawsuit on the issue of gender segregation in Israel, a local religious women’s rights group says it hopes to protect the rights of women in the public sphere of Israeli society. “It’s a way to stop the phenomenon. Usually...
  5. Jimmyb

    The War On Women

  6. scrjnki

    War on Women and Girls

    Let me preface this by saying for the past 40 years--ever since I turned 18--I have been a Democrat. For many of those years I have been a proud Democrat, having joined the "Ask not what your country can do for you..." party. As such, I have never been in favor of laws against abortion, which...
  7. imaginethat

    Father of 30 with 11 women needs break from child support

    Do the math. 30 children. 11 mothers. This sperm donor has donated sperm, naturally, on more that one occasion to some of the mothers, mothers who already were not getting child support, but who decided to "do it again.". A sterilization party for all involved sounds like a good idea...
  8. garysher

    Shock Poll: Romney now leads among women

    What happened to the War On Women?? President Obama’s claim that the GOP is mounting a war on women has proven to be a failure. A month into his assault on the Republicans and Mitt Romney, the new CBS-New York Times poll shows that the GOP presidential candidate now leads among women--and...
  9. The White House

    President Obama Speaks At The White House Forum On Women And The Economy

    President Obama speaks about the women who have shaped his life, and explains why his Administration has worked to consider the needs of women in girls in every decision it makes. Source -...
  10. Slippery Fish

    Santorum Defending Women

    Santorum deserves a lot of credit for trying to rein in the ugly pornography industry. I'm glad someone opposes an industry that is associated with the abuse of women and children. Social and Behavioral Science Research on the Impact of Pornography quote: 9 out of 10 children aged between...
  11. garysher

    Saudi Arabian Women To Vote And Run In Elections

    Women in Saudi Arabia are to be given the right to vote and run in future municipal elections, King Abdullah has announced. He said they would also have the right to be appointed to the consultative Shura Council. The move was welcomed by activists who have called for greater rights for...
  12. K

    Stalin's Women

    What follows is based on "Stalin: The Court of the Red Tsar," by a British historian and writer, S. S. Montefiore. As a young man I glorified Stalin; as an old man I am condemning him. But this item is neither glorification nor condemnation. Stalin, born in 1879, was a Georgian. His first...
  13. garysher

    Women Seeking Abortions In South Dakota To Get Anti-Abortion Advice

    A law signed by Gov. Dennis Daugaard on Tuesday makes the state the first to require women who are seeking abortions to first attend a consultation at such “pregnancy help centers,” to learn what assistance is available “to help the mother keep and care for her child.” The legislation, which...
  14. highway80west

    Georgia Lawmaker's Anti-Abortion Proposal Could Punish Women For Miscarriages

    I saw this, and I don't believe this. Why should women be punished for miscarriages? If a woman miscarries more than once, well, no woman should be penalized for that. ************************************************************************************************************* A Georgia...
  15. NPR

    Women In Combat: How You Feel About It

    The Pentagon has a policy that bars women from being assigned to units whose primary mission is to engage in direct ground combat. There's a debate going on about whether that policy should change. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's National Security Correspondent Rachel Martin about highlights...
  16. MSNBC

    Military panel: Allow women in combat

    A military advisory commission is recommending that the Pentagon do away with a policy that bans women from serving in combat units, breathing new life into a long-simmering debate.<br clear="all" /> Source msnbc.com - Click here to view the full article
  17. MSNBC

    Clinton: Women can be force for Mideast peace

    Women can be a major power in convincing Mideast leaders to agree to a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace deal, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday as she urged regional leaders to embrace the rising expectations of their skyrocketing youth populations. Source msnbc.com...
  18. MSNBC

    Barbour's freeing of Miss. women, any political implications?

    Haley Barbour, the Mississippi governor mulling a 2012 Republican presidential run, will issue the early release of two sisters serving life sentences in his state for armed robbery. So was his move politically motivated? Source msnbc.com - Click here to view the full article
  19. C

    Opposing Digits-Protect Nazi and Punish Disabled Women?

    Opposing Digits - Protect Nazi and Punish Disabled Women? The truth about David Myatt's / Anton Long's pitiless attacks on disabled woman cuts no ice with the 'Opposing Digits' forum. A messageboard post with inks to a blog exposing David Myatt's violent past and perverted present, are...