1. U

    I don't believe one word of this.

    Obama had direct contact with Clinton on private email server: IG report | Fox News :wacko:
  2. J

    How does a party exist when every word of their leaders are lies

    How sick can this country be and how much more sick can the right take it, with the politics of hate. Their hate list is lengthy and their politician has accommodate these haters with endless hate speech and unholy ideas, with the premises that, they charge ignorantly, as being the problems in...
  3. houseknight

    Word to Palestinians

    Let’s realize, that rude Palestinian antisemitic propaganda only confirms our conviction, that we Israelis must resist antisemitic hordes, including Iran, Hizbullah and Palestine. Palestinian antisemitic theater is designed to give pretext to the new Holocaust. We will resist all Palestinian...
  4. avlis

    Port word

    the word port is one of the most known in the world many countries use the word port in their languages origin of the word port is latina of the name port was born the name of Portugal the word porto has a great history with portugal, like worldwide only that the word port is often...
  5. S

    I am sick of "#" before a word. Twitter can kiss my twat.

    Howdy. Small complaint, but I am sick of reading # before a word or name. Or "@". "Yesterday #Taylor Swift got her ass grabbed by @Donald Trump. Also this (#) is called a POUND SIGN. Not a Hashtag. Hash is something you eat with your eggs or something that gets you high. # has been a...
  6. guy39

    A man of his word

  7. RNG

    Trump invents new word and melts internet

    There is just too much good stuff here to not post the whole thing which I believe would violate copyright laws. So enjoy: 'Covfefe': Trump invents new word and melts internet - BBC News
  8. RNG

    Death of the Printed Word

    It has seemed to me that for a long time videos are taking over. This forum, news sites, my favorite NASCAR.com and many more sites are going more and more to videos rather than stories that actual printed words. But is that me becoming a "You kids get off my lawn" type? Maybe not, it appears...
  9. skews13

    One Word Response To Why Millennials Want Democratic Socialism

    To be fair, I'm picking on Mz. Mayer a lot because this is very recent news. It is with this in mind that I relate to you an exchange I had with a co-worker of mine. He was having a complete meltdown over his child being a Bernie booster. He was worried that it was more than teenage...
  10. tristanrobin

    Origin of Word "Caucasian" - Didn't Know This - Did You?

  11. K

    a word to muslims..

    great video, i love this guy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCXHPKhRCVg&feature=g-all-u
  12. Franklin

    The Word became flesh

    ----------------------------------- In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Word became flesh and took up residence among us. We observed His glory, the glory as the One and Only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. Indeed, we...
  13. Dude111

    Please read every word of this

    http://web.archive.org/web/20090721081434/http://www.silverbearcafe.com/deception.html A very good read!! All this crap is just to scare people into getting control amoung a large group of people!! Half the people in the world fall for it while the other half STAND UP trying to get the...
  14. B

    ‘Ugly’ is the word that sums this jobs report

    ?Ugly? is the word that sums this jobs report - MarketWatch
  15. LongWinded

    Noam Chomsky: How the Word 'Liberal' Has Been Totally Distorted in America

    Noam Chomsky: How the Word 'Liberal' Has Been Totally Distorted in America | Alternet As more and more people in this nation, on the left and right of the spectrum, fall deeper into poverty, the rise of the apparition of "liberal" gets more clear. Sanders is the closest we have been to a...
  16. work in just ways

    God Perfects People with the Word in the End Time

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S48-X9qo-4o&list=PLGxagbxUeRwiLcTKPGnl3a3i1H7L-3uOD&index=5 The work God does in the present age is mainly to supply people with the word of life, to disclose the substance of their nature and their corrupt disposition, and to remove their religious notions...
  17. P

    Mom she like the N word

    . The mom in the video she don't like the Black Guy because he start his car. She say when he start his car he scare her children. Then she yell at the Black Guy about it and he video her screaming at him. I think she is scare her own children :( VIDEO: Racist Woman from Cheektowaga, New...
  18. azchurchmouse

    Ben and Jerry....the word out?

    How about just shutting up. JUST MORE HYPOCRISY FROM THE LEFT. Both Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are active political campaign donors. Can you guess which political party they support? Democrat Cash Cows Ben & Jerry Push to Silence Corporate Money | Independent Journal Review...
  19. TNVolunteer73

    A word for those that think Government (Single payer) healthcare is the answer

    Deadly Wait at V.A. Hospitals ? Anderson Cooper 360 - CNN.com Blogs People dieing because US GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE has denied or delayed care. While Administrators have gotten promotions and BOUNUSES out the wazoo.
  20. dusty

    A Word Of Caution

    I am a roman catholic and I testify that all info of the roman catholic church and its teachings are true.. But most info found on the internet are false.. remember this no mater what anyone shows or says to be very believable where ever it comes from. That demotes gods words or the...