1. Clicker II

    Tragic end for a young gay Black man

    A Democrat donor dodges a bullet in the death of a young gay Black man.
  2. Neil

    Youtube: Ron Paul Liberty Report on energetic young woman who beat Joe Crowley

    "Crowley's Shocking Loss! Is Socialism On The March?"
  3. xMathFanx

    Thoughts on Young Adult 'YouTube' Political Activists?

    Thoughts on Young Adult 'YouTube' Political Activists? In recent years, we have seen an increasing rise in young adult "YouTube' socio-political activists/journalists that typically discuss an enormous range of issues. Now, here are the main questions; At that age, is this sensible or...
  4. L

    Hillary shielded Sr. adviser accused of serial sexual harassment of young subordinate

    But Hillary has been FIGHTING FOR WOMEN her whole life, right?
  5. xMathFanx

    Are Public Schools Designed to be Propaganda Systems to Indoctrinate the Young?

    Are Public Schools Designed to be Propaganda Systems to Indoctrinate the Young? Are Public Schools designed to be propaganda systems to indoctrinate the young or are the overwhelming majority of the Adult population (i.e. parents, teachers, principles, school administration, politicians, US...
  6. skews13

    For Those About To Rock. RIP Malcolm Young

    We lost another great to Alzheimer’s today, Malcolm Young of AC/DC dies at 64. This awful disease that will affect 1 in 4 – either with it or as a caregiver – and that will be a top focus of my office when I get to Congress. It is a disease we MUST find a cause for and a cure. The numbers are...
  7. tristanrobin

    Roy Moore's alleged pursuit of a young girl is the symptom of a larger problem in eva

    Roy Moore's Alleged Pursuit of a Young Girl is the Symptom of a Larger Problem in Evangelical Circles We need to talk about the segment of American culture that probably doesn’t think the allegations against Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore are particularly damning, the segment that...
  8. B

    Young Black Republicans.

    This is encouraging. This is my America. Fine young men with integrity and character are the biggest threat to the demonrat party, but the hope for the American Blacks...
  9. Sabcat

    Milton Friedman schools young Bernie Sanders about poverty

    This is fantastic.
  10. Sabcat

    Berkeley Young Americans sue school

    Full press conference
  11. avlis

    Rapta and kills disabled young woman to have sex with the corpse

    Rapta and kills disabled young woman to have sex with the corpse. A man was arrested last Friday for kidnapping a disabled woman in Indiana. Terrence Roach, 24, eventually killed Aleah Beckerle and confessed to having had sex with the corpse of the 19-year-old. *Aleah Beckerle suffered...
  12. dusty

    The internet poisons the minds of the very young

    for young kids learning on the internet the primary poison is religion. young teens are ok and have more sebse and a lot smarter then younger kids. false teaching on the net regarding religion. even with true reading that the very young shouldent read yet at there age. some things in the...
  13. coke

    The Fall of the Young Turks

    A good video showing the hypocrisy of the liberal cast of the liberal Young Turks political online show.
  14. skews13

    Young Girl Takes Fight Over Service Dog To Supreme Court

    This story hit's close to home for me, and I'm curious what the boards opinions are on this subject. Should the girl prevail? I respect everyones opinion on this, so I'm not looking for a right or a wrong answer, just your opinion and why.
  15. Clara007

    Young Voters Dump Trump

    Remember all those Millennials who loved Bernie?? Remember back in July when College Republicans Chair Alex Smith said that GOP Millennials would turn out in DROVES? Well, he was right. The only problem is that they aren't going to vote for Trump. "Democratic presidential nominee Hillary...
  16. LibertyThunder

    NEW POLL: Johnson Rises To 1st Place With Young Voters, Trump Last

    Young Voters Favoring Gary Johnson - The Libertarian Republic
  17. coke

    The young do not care

    Millennials Less Likely to Support Gun Control Than You'd Think Four years ago a man pointed a gun at Ryan Bradley and called him a "white devil." Ever since, he's been passionate about gun rights. "I never want to be in that situation again," Bradley, 24, told NBC News. "Luckily, he...
  18. excalibur

    Adult Refugees Enrolled In Canadian High School, Harassing Young Girls

    Why not. Adult Refugees Enrolled In High School, Harassing GIrls | The Daily Caller 
  19. imaginethat

    In Putin's Russia schoolchildren as young as 10 will be taught to fight

    What do Putin and Islamic jihadists have in common?? Allah Putbar!!! More: In Putin's Russia schoolchildren as young as 10 could be taught to fight | World | News | The Independent