1 out of every 5 entrepreneurs in the U.S. is an immigrant


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Apr 2013
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There ya go. Them dirty, disease ridden murderers and rapists are adding at least $1 trillion in annual sales revenue. See article for further links.

Immigrants in the U.S. are twice as likely to start businesses as their native counterparts for a myriad of reasons, generating at least $1 trillion in annual sales revenue, per the New American Economy (NAE).
Driving the news: President Trump recently issued an immigration rule that targets legal immigrants "who are likely to use public benefit programs" — positioning them as a burden on taxpayers. However, studies show that immigrant-owned small businesses in the U.S. generate billions of dollars in tax revenue each year.
The big picture: No matter where they relocate, immigrants frequently have more capital to start new enterprises than native-born citizens due to personal savings and family loans, the National Bureau of Economic Research has found.
Why immigrants are more likely to start small businesses:
  • Some economic researchers suggest that cross-cultural experience helps "internationally mobile individuals to develop skills and knowledge that augment their ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities."
  • Other studies theorize that discrimination in the labor market pushes immigrants to start their own ventures, per the Harvard Business Review.
"Outsiders face a tough struggle fitting into a new culture. They must figure out how to deal with, and overcome, frustration, loneliness and a steep learning curve.​
And that’s why immigrants make such great entrepreneurs—they’re once again outsiders facing many of the same kinds of obstacles. Been there, done that."​
— Adrian Furnham, Wall Street Journal

Immigrant-owned businesses contribute billions to U.S. economy

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How is an entrepreneur qualified? Are they counting the guys with rusty jalopy pickup trucks and leaf blowers entrepreneurs?