2018 elections, ACA, and pre-existing medical conditions.

Oct 2009
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QUOTE="Supposn, post: 21128165, member: 20145"]2018 elections, ACA, and pre-existing medical conditions.

This Tuesday we’ll learn to what extent voters’ perceptions of the Affordable Care Act have already changed. Republican candidates are fearful and they’re promising to “protect” the prohibition of ACA insurers to increase prices of applicants due to their pre-existing medical conditions. This is occurring while Republican attorney generals are opposing the federal government's right to enforce those same prohibitions. ... If the Republicans efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act should ever succeed, USA would inevitably later adopt a more substantial federal healthcare policy. That later created policy would more likely be federal universal single payer medical insurance.[/QUOTE]

Respectfully, Supposn
Dec 2015
Let's take a little walk down memory lane. After over eight long years of vehemently opposing ACA, which includes the pre-existing condition section, the GOP (including Trump) would like for us to believe they have had a Come to Jesus moment and now realize their "mistake" so NOW.....they support pre-existing conditions protection/insurance. Even here on DTT, the cult has expressed their opposition to ACA, including pre-existing conditions, any number of times through the years.

Last year, Republicans in Congress led an extended but ultimately unsuccessful effort to, in their words, “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. Although a bill passed through the House of Representatives, Republicans in the Senate were unable to agree on a particular replacement for Obamacare. (Thanks, John McCain and others!)

The House bill, called the American Health Care Act, had provisions that would have weakened current protections for people with pre-existing illnesses. It would have allowed states to eliminate Obamacare’s rules that health insurance must cover a standard set of benefits, like prescription drugs and mental health care, and its rule that insurance companies must charge the same prices to customers whether they are healthy or sick.
The House bill created a small pool of money for states to help sick customers who might be shut out of such markets. A majority of House Republicans voted for this bill.

Nearly every Republican incumbent who is now pledging to protect pre-existing conditions supported one of these measures. That’s true of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who once helped to shut down the entire federal government over a demand that Obamacare be reversed. It is also true of Dana Rohrabacher, a congressman from California, and Martha McSally, a congresswoman running for Senate in Arizona.

At this very moment, a federal judge in Texas is getting ready to RULE on a lawsuit that argues that the entire Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional and should be overturned, brought to the court by GOP officials.
So let me summarize this for the folks on DTT who can't seem to grasp the flagrant, undisguised deception on the Right.

The GOP DOES NOT support any part of ACA---never has--never will--and that includes pre-existing conditions. I know this is going to be difficult to grasp but here's the bottom line:

The GOP IS lying once again. That includes Donald J. Trump.

Republicans Say They Will Protect Pre-existing Conditions. Their Records Say Something Else.