2018 Was the Year of the Trump Book. But Did Pro-Trump or Anti-Trump Books Have Better Sales?

Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
As another anti trump book comes out me must remember that this political environment is a major cash cow for dying media platforms and that truth, honestly or pesky things like facts take a backseat to sensationalism.

Say what you will about President Donald Trump — he was certainly good for book sales in 2018. This year, a staggering number of high-profile writers, pundits, and D.C. veterans weighed in with books about Trump, seeking to excoriate or exonerate.

With outsized names like Michael Wolff, Tucker Carlson, Bob Woodward, James Comey, and Jeanine Pirro competing for readers’ attention, we found ourselves wondering: Who sold more books? Were authors in the pro-Trump camp more successful in terms of book sales, or did the never-Trumpers and Trump haters come out on top?

We rounded up the top five-selling books in 2018 on each side of the debate, as per NPD BookScan data (which includes hardcovers and paperback, when applicable, but not ebook downloads).