2019 Political Cartoons

Jul 2019
There is an ongoing (and for the most part unwritten) contention between different groups on this forum.
For some (such as the person you are responding to), it's painfully obvious that "political cartoons" are just a boring invitation to lie. Truth can be thrown out the window and just make sure that your propaganda is represented... :rolleyes:
Thus, the tired old "special treatment" trope gets trudged out like it was for other examples of people seeking equality in the history of mankind...
For them, a political cartoon can be just the president making fun of a handicapped person. :smirk:

For others, the point of a cartoon should involve at least a certain level of significantly held truth.
exactly right.

even so, he just posted a barrage of uncreative and terribly unfunny memes, not even political cartoons

I've always said "once the Righty-Uptighties discovered memes, the internet was ruined"

actual political cartoons require a broad spectrum of creative thought, to make a profound (and often comical) statement in one frame.

they have been a very important part of our political history for years.

I've seen some of the darkest and deepest political cartoons since trump took over, and really they kind of help put this utter chaos into perspective
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