32 Tips For Navigating A Society Full Of Propaganda And Manipulation

May 2019
Certainly history as taught in K-12 when I was growing up (ages ago, I'll admit) was very biased. Apparently the textbook manufacturers were leery of losing big market share in states like TX, which had a real lust for embellishing their heroes, such as they were. (& I believe TX Board of Education - or one of their committees - struck Pres. T. Jefferson from the pantheon of state-certified demigods - apparently he was too uppity.) So yes, history requires a good eye, to spot special pleading & self-aggrandizing writing/thinking. I've learned to read British history & reference & children's books (Dorling Kindersley - now DK) with a jaundiced eye. They appear to have contracted the Russian virus (It was invented here!) & having read through a fair amount of WWII books & articles, I look very carefully @ Churchill's histories & articles & pamphlets & on & on (he was a journalist early on, & apparently never learned to shut up already). He had a nice facility with language, but a lot of it (to me) seems to be mostly self-serving. He was also the only professional writer of the big three Allies in WWII to survive (& with any regard for mass public opinion), & he wasn't shy about using his special access to British military & diplomatic documentation to produce a string of best sellers - with considerable editorial & clerical staff support. He was a kind of literary cottage industry in UK for a time - think of him as Martha Stewart, Inc., with a literary bent. & of course he had a lot of time (& debts) on his hands, once he was voted out of office.

But I digress - yes, the main requirement is to engage with whatever you're reading - & I prefer reading for information - there are too many distractions to the other media, pretty as they may be.
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