50 dead in shootings at 2 New Zealand mosques

Nov 2013
El Paso, TX
Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Seriously ?? It's simple math !! There are FIVE times as many whites as there are blacks, yet we are only 40% of those shot by police ?? While blacks are just 13% of the population and yet are more than 30% of those shot ?? It is just math for the white people. Even if we allow that the black communities have substantially higher crimes rates, they still represent a disproportionate number of deaths at the hands of cops. But it's not just shootings, It's ALL of it. Tell me, have you ever been questioned by the police for mowing a yard for a neighbor ?? Ever had the police called because you were sitting in a coffee shop ? Or sitting in a public area reading book ?? How about taking care of your little plot of land in a community garden ?? As long as white folks keep calling the cops because a "darky is someplace we think they shouldn't aughta be", there will continue to be strife. As long as police keep getting away with murder it will never end.

Really, you want to look at statistics in regards to race, crime, murder and police contact and their relationship to the over all population because it does not support the point you are trying to make.
Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Damned liberals.....

A Hate-Fueled Massacre in New Zealand Mosques, Designed for Its Times
The wounded tried to crawl away or lie still, while others ran or crouched behind the dead, but the gunman kept pulling the trigger.​
He shot fleeing women and girls, and pumped bullet after bullet into piles of motionless men and boys in a house of worship.​
The man accused of carrying out the worst mass murder in New Zealand’s modern history, one that left 49 people dead and more than 40 others wounded at two mosques in Christchurch, was identified in court documents on Saturday as Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28. The suspect, who officials said is an Australian citizen, was charged with one count of murder, and more were expected to come.​
...[A] Facebook video, shot from the killer’s helmet-mounted camera, and a 74-page statement that the authorities said was written by the gunman, point to an array of possible role models, from racist mass murderers to Oswald Mosley, the 20th century British fascist.​
Standard white supremacist and far-right nationalist tropes, like fears of a “white genocide,” are sprinkled throughout the statement. There are also elements of a self-flattering reach for larger meaning: references to centuries-ago battles between Christians and Muslims are scrawled on his guns, and on the video he refers to his slaughter of unarmed people as “the firefight.”​

More: A Hate-Fueled Massacre in New Zealand Mosques, Designed for Its Times

So, let's talk about Obama, and abortion, and how liberal Democrats are far more screwed up than I originally thought. Your lack of outrage over the murder of 49 men, women, and children speaks loudly.

What makes him far right?

Sounds to me like he believed that China has the best government. Not really 'right'

But hey... his goal was to cause more of a division so.... lets help him out w/ that huh.
Nov 2018
Most people know that, while the world has been subjected to Islamic terrorism since the 1960s, the vast majority of the world's 1.9B Muslims are peaceful and minding their own business just like the world's 2B Christians.

It's those who are so extreme that they demonize entire groups of people with their bigotry that brings about the hate which led to today's massacre, the attack on Republicans by Hodgkinson and the attack on protesters by Fields. The world needs less hate and bigotry, not more of it.
So at last it occurs, the false equivalence I predicted in the very thread (post 77) attempting to equate one act of terrorism by a "leftist" to repeated and politically linked acts of terrorism. Hodgkinson was wrong and the event was a hate-filled act of unnecessary violence. Fields, of course, was just one of a series of Right Wing linked acts of racial and ethnic violence that produce a pattern for anyone with the slightest ability to perceive similarities.

I have to say that I find this "we should all just get along" attitude to be strikingly hypocritical coming from political positions that espouse violence, gun promotion, xenophobia and ignorant, populist nationalism.
Nov 2018
Please define right wing as you believe it applies to this tragedy.
Just the typical characteristics of most American pro-Trump Right Wing political advocates: hate-filed, paranoid, ultra-nationalist, violence prone, gun-promoting, angry, and with visions of persecution by social attempts at fairness. Sound familiar?
Sep 2015
Stage Left
Shut the fuck up, goober. The European race is the minority in the world, and we're dropping like stones in the ocean. We are being put up against the wall, and while you'd sit in this thread and talk about how these are "delusional conspiracy theories" in another you will cheer the downfall of your own race, lauding the dropping birthrates and that whites will be a minority IN OUR OWN COUNTRIES within 50 years. The "Republicans" will never acknowledge this. In fact, Trump lauds himself upon wanting immigrants to come in. He says that if he was in Israel, the homeland of the Jewish Race, he would win in a landslide. The alt-right is equally pathetic, and you can see their patheticness in how they shirk from a true hero for "optics sake."

We have a duty to protect our race from invaders. There are no innocents in this war to the finish.
fucking pieces of shit like this and the fact they are allowed to spread this kind of hate and violence on the internet are how these fucking assholes get connected and do this shit. for real, call these cowards out now and throw them into the darkness of Ban Land. no more allowing that kind of hate speech that leads to killings of innocent human beings.

if you all allow this to continue here on this site, you are complicit in this online hate community that breeds this violence.
Dec 2015
The amount of hate being spread by both sides is both detrimental to discussion and divisive. Sad

There's a BIG difference between hate and frustration. There's also a big difference between hating attitudes or behavior or political POVs and HATING PEOPLE---just because.