7 Dead and 22 Injured in Shootings in Midland, Tex

Feb 2019
Woop de fucking do another mass shooting in Texas today. Killed 5, like 20 injured. Can't wait to go through the cycle of "thoughts and prayers" again while the body counts stack up until we take off our blindfolds and implement gun control.

Here's how the cycle works.

1. Crazed lunatic finds big ass gun in a fucking Walmart.
2. Lunatic then goes to check out the gun, not going through any reasonable criminal background checks or red flags
3. Lunatic shoots dozens of people
4. NRA sends an avalanche of thoughts and prayers along with another avalanche of gun lobbying money
5. Outrage dies down
6. Repeat

"bUt gRaPeS", I hear you rednecks say, "iF sOmEoNe HaD a GuN tHeY cOuLd'Ve StOpPeD hIM",

Maybe they could've prevented more injuries, but that's a big maybe. There are plenty of examples of supposed armed "heroes" failing. Such as the armed guards present near the Vegas shooting, who couldn't have stopped the gun-mans attack, not to mention the armed guard who didn't go in to stop the gunman during the Parkland shooting. Not to mention that these shootings wouldn't even happen in the first place if, let's say, the gunman didn't have a gun.
May 2019
Yeah, I started a thread on this. Police and white people were killed! As a political bonus, it looks like a rifle was used!!!
Cant we just keep this violence contained to the black folk gosh
May 2019
As usual, CNN has it dead wrong. When you get the story from a reliable source please post it. Someday your knee jerks are gonna dislocate your knees.
Yeah, the msn story that I linked that broke was all over the rifle angle. Guess it was a handgun. But, the shooter was white. That should be worth at least 48 hours of major headline news. I mean gosh you think they are going to waste headline time to 9 high school kids shot last night, who happened to be black. No way!
Jun 2018
South Dakota
This started with a Texas Trooper doing a traffic stop where the drier started shooting at random then ran around the city, hijacked a mail delivery truck and went on more rampages. The suspect is dead. There was no other suspect as first reported and there was no shooting in a theater.
Jul 2018
Trump World! Where the circus is always in town.
not enough dead to cause a stir

The wingnuts consider small number like this trite.
Mar 2017
I don't care how many people die; you're not taking them, period.

Also most shootings are fakes done by the deep state anyways so I doubly don't feel bad.

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