A Different Reality.

Aug 2019
the way I see it man is that I'm able to easily support my kid. I have to be at work everyday minus 20 paid days a year. It's not easy all the time but you should know that compared to people on a global scale, our kind has had it relatively easy

It's no skin off my back if others have it as good as I've had it. None at all

you're coming off as a have-not just so you know.
Most financially comfortable people don't care what others do or how they get by.
Our household income has been within 2% of national median income, just over. US Household Income | Department of Numbers

Some of my friends have faired much better. Guess they are some of the have-nots too.
Jul 2019
didn't realize the median household income was that low,
so that may explain some things

and yes even rich people who constantly whine and worry about other people's money and livelihood come off as have-nots
and insecure

that's just the way it is