A little but significant drama

Jun 2013
The South China Morning Post reported on 21 November, 2018 that Peter Navarro would be excluded from the high-stakes US-Sino dinner meeting in Argentina. About one week later, however, it reported that he was back on the guest list.

The following “intelligent guesses” of mine may offer some insights into the events leading up to the Huawei CFO's arrest and Navarro's attendance in the Buenos Aires dinner meeting.

(a) Navarro’s initial exclusion from the guest list may be just a display of his tantrum and displeasure to Trump over their disagreement on the US-Sino dinner meeting.

(b) Just like an active volcano's occasional eruptions, it may be his way of highlighting his importance in the Trump team.

(c) Although many people may dismiss the event as a little drama with no significance, it can turn up to be something more sinister in view of the perfect coincidence between the Huawei CFO's arrest and the dinner meeting on the same day of December 1.

Peter Navarro's initial exclusion but eventual inclusion in the Buenos Aires dinner meeting will forever remain a historical mystery. Anyone may guess or speculate whatever he likes about the "apparent farce" over Navarro's dinner attendance. In the final analysis, only Navarro and Trump hold the key to the historical mystery.

In my opinion, Navarro might have decided not to attend the dinner meeting as a protest to Trump’s disagreement to arrest the Huawei CFO as both events happened to fall on the same day. As the day of the dinner meeting drew nearer, he might have even threatened to resign. As Trump regarded him as his favourite, he finally acceded to his demand to arrest the Huawei CFO on the same day of the dinner meeting. Knowing that his plan would be carried out, Navarro not only had the mood but the appetite to attend the dinner meeting. All this while, he must be laughing secretly at the opposite side and eyeing them hungrily like a bird of prey with his "eagle's eyes” across the table.

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