A Ludicrous Lawsuit Funded With Tax Dollars

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
First you had to deport illegal aliens in order to:

3. Stop tax dollars from defending and paying for appeals.​
Tear Down That Wall

This Lawsuit is absurd:

However, the lawsuit indicates several legal claims that are likely to be made by establishment pro-migration groups, such as the ACLU.​

Migration Lawyers Recruit Caravan Migrants to Defeat Trump’s Asylum Reform​
by Neil Munro​
2 Nov 2018​

American taxpayers paying the ACLU to defend WANNABE illegal aliens is the height of judicial chutzpah. Basically, the ACLU is suing to get illegal alien status for illegal aliens before they get here. Regardless of how preposterous a lawsuit is a lot of lawyers will rake in a lot of tax dollars anyway; most notably ACLU parasites:

Worse still, the tax dollars the ACLU will pocket for pleading asylum for illegal aliens pales beside the money they took in tearing down crosses. Let me begin with a child’s “cross”:

What does "Cross your heart." mean? and when do you say that?

It means that what you are saying is the truth. Usually kids say it. "Cross your heart?" is the short question to ask the person if he promises he is telling the truth. "Cross my heart" is the statement the person says if he is promising he is telling the truth.​
If one kid tells another one a secret, he might say something like, "Do you promise you won't tell anyone?"​
"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone."​
"Cross your heart?"​
"Cross my heart."​
There's a longer form: "Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye." That just means that you are promising something is the truth and if it isn't, bad things will happen to you because you told a lie.​

This is the one I liked when I was a kid and dropped a piece of candy on the floor “Cross my heart and kiss it up to heaven.” That meant I could pick up the candy and eat it, but only if I wiped it off for good measure. I could skip the invocation if I rinsed off the treat in the kitchen sink.

I guess the cross-police will confiscate the candy if they have their way.

The ACLU has been fighting against crosses for a long time. There have been a number of cases, but the Mohave Cross got the most attention. The ACLU went on and on about removing a monument in the shape of a cross from federal land. There was a sensible solution, but the ACLU blocked it. The ACLU always claimed it was defending the Constitution; in this case the First Amendment. That made as much sense as an atheist defending the Bible.

There was more to the ACLU’s case than met the eye. This article gave the details:

The hearing got a little combative at times, such as when Eliasberg said that since the cross is a Christian symbol, only Christian soldiers are honored by this memorial. To this, Justice Antonin Scalia responded, “I think that’s an outrageous conclusion.” Scalia also extracted an admission out of Eliasberg that the government has never denied a request from a Jewish, Muslim or other group that sought to erect a war memorial with their respective holy symbols.​

ACLU Pushes High Court to Destroy Cross Memorial​
Ken Klukowski​
Thursday, October 08, 2009​

In the end:

Not surprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) decided that the war memorial constituted a grave threat to the republic. So they backed a former National Park Service employee, Frank Buono, to bring a lawsuit to have the cross removed.​

Except that the ACLU doesn’t know how to take “yes” for an answer. They promptly scurried back to federal court and secured a second court order blocking the land transfer, opining that Congress’ move was an effort to evade the court’s earlier order. They did this to keep the cross on government land so that it would have to be destroyed. In so doing, the ACLU showed that their goal all along was not getting the cross off public land; it was instead to level the cross to the ground.​

Supreme Court: Mojave cross can stay​
Land transfer to private hands mitigates constitutional issues, justices say​
The Associated Press​
updated 10:47 a.m. ET, Wed., April 28, 2010​

Phyllis Schlafly (1924 - 2016) updated the story:

President Obama had a golden Memorial Day opportunity to show the country that (contrary to his left flank) he is not anti-military and not anti-Christian, by telling Attorney General Eric Holder to order the Park Service to permit volunteer veterans to replace the Mojave Cross that was stolen on May 9. But he let the atheists and those who sneer at our veterans win the day.​
Obama Missed a Great Chance​
Phyllis Schlafly​
Tuesday, June 01, 2010​
The ACLU working towards having all religious symbols removed from Arlington National Cemetery met with a lot of opposition. There are some crosses in Arlington Cemetery put there before WWI. Arlington Cemetery also allows a long list of religious symbols.


Court ruling could banish crosses from Arlington Cemetery

After Arlington, the ACLU will have to go after the crosses in Flanders Field American Cemetery where poppies blow between the crosses row on row.

Flanders Field American Cemetery In Belgium​

Before the ACLU is finished it will look like Communists were the only ones who fought and died for this country.
May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
I was just reminded of this one:

The U.S. Supreme Court will return to a long-running dispute over religious symbolism in public life.​
In a late Friday order, the Supreme Court announced it will decide whether a 40-foot cross-shaped war memorial on public land in Maryland is an unconstitutional endorsement of Christianity.​
“There are some who want to erase the memory of the service and sacrifice of these 49 fallen servicemen of Prince George’s County,” said Kelly Shackelford, president of the First Liberty Institute, a public interest law practice that urged the Court to protect the memorial.​
“If this monument is bulldozed to the ground, it’s only a matter of time before the wrecking ball turns on Arlington National Cemetery and the thousands of memorials like this one across the country,” he added.​
The monument — known as the Peace Cross — was erected by The American Legion after World War I to honor the war dead of Prince George’s County. Though it is now administered by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, both state officials and The Legion are parties to a legal challenge brought against the memorial by the American Humanist Association (AHA).​
State officials have appropriated approximately $200,000 to maintain the Peace Cross, prompting the AHA to accuse Maryland of subsidizing Christian imagery with taxpayer dollars.​

So how come the American Humanist Association is not bitching about subsidizing the ACLU with taxpayer dollars in order to promote its religion —— SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM?

A divided panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals concluded that the cross is “not simply as a generic symbol of death,” but the preeminent representation of Christianity, and therefore violates the Constitution’s ban on religious favoritism.​
In dissent Judge Paul Niemeyer warned that the decision imperils similarly situated war monuments, including several Latin crosses at Arlington National Cemetery, which falls within the 4th Circuit’s jurisdiction.​
Supporters of the memorial say it evokes overseas battle cemeteries, which are often replete with crosses, and has secularizing elements, like the seal of The Legion emblazoned at the crux.​
The case provides the high court a chance to bring some clarity to bear on its complicated jurisprudence on the separation of church and state.​
“As Justice Thomas has noted, the Court’s establishment clause jurisprudence ‘has confounded the lower courts and rendered the constitutionality of displays of religious imagery on government property anyone’s guess,'” the Legion’s petition to the high court reads.​
Arguments in the case will likely come in early 2018.​
Supreme Court To Decide If Cross-Shaped War Memorial Will Stand​
1:15 PM 11/03/2018 | Politics​
Kevin Daley | Supreme Court Reporter​