A question for pro-lifers on abortions and escaping eternal hell.

May 2019
Some Christians believe in eternal hell. Moreover, they believe that most of humankind is destined for eternal hell.

I hope that even those of this opinion would agree that a God who'd create an eternal hell and then send the majority of those He created to it, would not send the soul of the person that they believe is present beginning at conception to eternal hell.

The aborted unborn goes to heaven. If the unborn is born, the odds of him or her making it to heaven are dim.

So, an aborted person's soul beats the odds, and escapes eternal hell. One could say, this soul was saved by abortion.

What's the problem here?
That God is beyond space and time, still sees you murdering a person, and can see that person in a reality where they are born. You, the aborter, are still guilty of murder.