A question to Republicans about the Wall.

Dec 2015
This is a question to Republicans about the Wall.
If the issues is of such great importance, why was there no major effort to fund the building of the wall when the Republican party controlled both houses.

Michael--that's a great question which has been asked any number of times. It's doubtful you'll get a cogent response. I'm not a Republican but I can give it a go and ask more questions along the way.
From my conversations with Ms. Google:
On October 22, 2018, Bradley Byrne (R-AL) introduced legislation designed to pass $25B in border wall funding via the reconciliation process (same as ACA was passed). byrne.house.gov/… There was never a vote in the House, and the bill never went anywhere. Why? Reminder: Reconciliation is 50%+1.
The obvious answer to this question is “It was never about a wall”, or “They didn’t want to (couldn’t) pass unpopular wall funding right before the election.” These are my best guesses for why this path didn’t go anywhere, but why aren’t Democrats bringing this up?
Liar-in-Chief says he couldn’t get his wall because he needed 60 Senate votes. That is an idiotic talking point and naturally, it never occurred to him that 1) There was a mid-term election coming up and 2) The GOP Congress wanted to keep their jobs KNOWING FULL WELL that the majority of Americans DON'T want the WALL.
The GOP had the votes. They always did, but they didn’t use them. Obviously, it’s because that would have been a tough vote, and members of the GOP would likely have defected.

Why Didn't GOP Fund the Wall by Reconciliation?
Jul 2014
Mueller is wrapping up the investigation and is about to drop a ton of indictments.
Look a wall squirrel...

The president's people chose McAllen, Texas for his photo op to show the "EMERGENCY CRISIS" that threatens the very existence of the Republic.

McAllen is currently experiencing it's lowest crime rate in 34 years, US News & World Reports lists it as one of the best places to retire in America.
Sounds friggin' brutal...

And the Republicans didn't fund the wall, because they thought it was a stupid waste of money.
That's why the shutdown began with a Republican Senate and a Republican House and Trump.

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