A Victory for the Purples not the Blue or the Reds

Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
As a self places member of the far left, i would like to point out that vitory in the house was in no way a very for the left of center or "progressives' most victories were in the suburbs, AFFLUENT suburbs where socially liberal fiscally moderate to conservative types live, hardly a victory for Socialism more a victory of common sense moderation over the excesses and corrupt nature of a far right blow hard How to Turn a Red State Purple (Democrats Not Required) Alaska remains a gun-loving and tax-averse state, defined by its military bases and love of hunting. It has two Republican senators and a Republican congressman. But the state is changing. In the past four years, Alaska has raised its minimum wage, legalized recreational marijuana and passed the strongest universal voter registration bill in the country. Governor Bill Walker—an ex-Republican who has the support of organized labor and most liberals—and the House majority coalition are publicly advocating the introduction of a statewide income tax, a move long thought impossible in Alaska’s notoriously libertarian political climate.
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