About the wall, Trump says ...

Jun 2018
South Dakota
Their attempt to deny access to the border was denied by a court already. Surveyors were allowed in to make the initial surveys for the wall. That determined that they govt cannot be denied access to the border. The area in question is a very short piece. Their land is only about 90 acres. If, in the unlikely event that the landowner prevails, the border agents running through their property day and night to interdict invaders would make life a living hell for them. They will also lose their wharf-like construct on the river which can be used by illegals in boats coming from the other side. Allowing a POE for illegal traffic is absurd.

An OBTW, the river is a navigable waterway controlled by the Army Corp of Engineers and the permits, if they actually have them, can be revoked at any time. Thanks Obama!
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