Addressing the problem of evil

Oct 2019
I'm curious how people, theist, atheist or otherwise, address the problem of evil.

Regarding Epicurus, I'd argue his reasoning is faulty, when he argues that if God is capable of preventing evil, but unwilling, then he is malevolent.

In a vacuum, malevolent means nothing, without reference to something benevolent.

So Epicurus' logic is merely arguing that God, or a certain depiction of God is evil in comparison to something else (a "higher" God or source of benevolence).


For what it's worth, the idea of an evil God (e.x. maltheism or misotheism) isn't anything new or original, and dates back to Gnosticism (Gnostics believed in a "Demiurge", who was either imperfect or evil, who fashioned the material world in the image of a true or "perfect" God).

Likewise, thinkers such as Socrates, are sometimes misinterpreted as having been atheists, when in reality, Socrates believed that the Greek gods were Immoral, and answered to a "higher God" or "divine Genius".