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Jul 2013
North Texas
What!? No GAU-8 30 mm canon retrofitted slightly under the cockpit, between the radar dome in the nose and the front landing gear.

No JDAMS and MOAB under the wings, with the wings being upgraded, strengthened and reinforced, of course!?

Along the mid length of the plane would be a 105 mm howitzer, with the cabin to be sectionalized and specially modified for the ability to pressurize or unpressurize for the use of The howitzer. So none of that either!?

No Creature comforts like a mini bar, a 70 inch flat screen tv and corresponding entertainment center, a gentleman's only club with a stippers pole and nubile women to use said pole!?

No external paint job with the US flag for the color scheme running the length of the plane!?

No "America! Hell Yeah" on the tail fin!?

This is it!? This is all he could come up with!?

What a commie!