Again, Warren Lies About Her Status as "Victim"

Dec 2018
New England
Ol' Liz has found herself in a tough news cycle again. This time over what is most likely a false claim that she was fired from a teaching job in 1971 because she was pregnant.

Yes, politicians lie. And often they lie about each other. I think we can all write that off as part of the game. But this is different. Warren is not impugning the character of other public figures with this lie. 50 years ago a group of employees in the public education system in Riverdale -- in all likelihood just regular folk -- gave a young Elizabeth Warren one of her first jobs. They supported her enough to offer her a second contract, which Warren declined. So how does Warren repay that support? She literally slanders these people on a daily basis as part of her stump speech just so she cast herself in the highly coveted role of "victim." What kind of person does that?

I've said this before and I'll say it again, there's more Trump in Elizabeth Warren than her supporters are ever willing to admit.

Sep 2019
LMAO.. She lied about her indian heritage to get into college. So this is no surprize.

My question is, why is electing honest people so undesirable to American voters? Because they don't have "flare?" Because they're not good salesmen?
I'll take a dull, drama free presidential candidate who's honest, over Warren, Biden & Harris, any day.