Agency got paychecks even tho there is no money

Apr 2014
Heart of America
Yeah, nice trick, hand them the money and then pull it back. Brilliant! Well, if you think you can hang it on Trump that is.
Obviously you never worked for the government...nor the military. I consider anyone who never joined to be less than a good patriot. Understandable with LWers but unforgivable for RWers. Why did you never join? Bone spurs? Anal cysts? Just valued your hide too much?
Nov 2012
I'm seeing cracks in the Pelosi Schumer wall not just by Dems in the country but even one of the freshman House members is uttering it.
One Democratic representative says she is willing to support some sort of physical barrier at the southern border
Trump didn't sign it because it contained legislation to legitimize DACA and continue the program with a line jumping path to citizenship. I'm betting Trump would have signed it if the program was stopped and the path to citizenship modified to put them in line with everyone else. The Dems knew he wouldn't sign it and so did the Reps. They no longer send legislation to him that he says he won't sign.
Several prominent Dems have agreed that border security including walls is necessary and have actually authorized and built them in the past. There is a case where money was authorized but not spent for some reason.
^^^ This is what butt hurt looks like^^^

Don't those conservative tears taste delicious?