All of us should have rose up to speak against gay people seeing themselves as normal

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Sep 2015
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Why do you open up the thread if you already know it is going to hurt your feelings?
ummmmm, because it was newsworthy and adults should be able to discuss a topic without acting like 3rd grade bullies <_<


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Oct 2010

Isn't it about time to shut down this thread.

Why do people have to be subjected to either ignoring gross insults and offensive comments or engage in disgusting vile putrid discussion with this pile of shit?
I'm shutting down this thread, but not before I have my say.

When a thread becomes disagreeable, and I don't care what damned side finds it disagreeable, then the adult damned action is: Don't participate in it.

I am thoroughly sick of dealing with adults acting as children, acting as though others "force" them to respond.

Nobody forces anyone to do anything at gunpoint here.

Please understand, this comment is not directed only at you, or only to one side or the other. Yes, this is a putrid thread, but it's a group effort, and dammit to hell, dealing with this kind of excrement is not my idea of what I'd like to be doing while visiting my new family and just married daughter in New Zealand.

Each and every one of you, and you know who you are, should damned well be ashamed of yourself.

Thread closed.
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