Allies have more evidence of Trump / Russia collusion

Dec 2016
Honestly, I can't be bothered with any of this shit, since none of these foreign intelligence services (Britain included) act independently from the CIA, and will say anything and rubberstamp anything they're told to out of Washington. This Guardian story is just one more giving us testimonials and accusations from people who's job is to subvert, lie and misinform. GCHQ no different than CIA,NSA our CSIS etc.. Unless they come up with the pictures and the audio, I really don't give a crap about what they're claiming!

This is the story of The Five Eyes secret collaborative agreement that was established after WWII.
In the beginning, it was to share intelligence between other English-speaking allies, BUT the CIA soon realized they could violate whatever laws were standing in the way of spying on Americans if there was a convenient, ready excuse that another foreign agency gave them the information. Point being: maybe they got something on Trump/maybe they don't and just want to keep the rumor mills has been happening since last year! I would have thought that all of Trump's mafia connections from real estate and casinos would be enough to keep prosecutors busy till the end of time, but maybe they've been concerned about collateral damage or something...who knows.

As in the latest NSA drop from ShadowBrokers, we are just discovering (if we're paying attention to worthwhile sources) that we're all being spied on and having all of our information hoovered up as soon as we turn on our computer or personal device.
If at any time in the future, some governing overlord decides we are enemies of the state, they got all the information on us already on file!