Alternative goals to marriage

Oct 2019
I'm curious what other people's alternative goals to marriage are.

Per books such as "Married Love" written in the early 1900s, marriage problems have historically been ubiquitous (ranging from miserable to happy), with couples having various degrees of success, given that there is no "exact science" for making a marriage work, with norms and traditions varying considerably throughout history.

(My understanding is that the "sacredness" of marriage comes from the church or the couples' own traditions, vows, and so forth - while as far as the law is concerned - state interest in marriage is pragmatic, and a means of expediating divorce processings and other legal issues).

Given high divorce rates, and rates of infidelity in this day and age - I'm curious what other people's goals or plans are in life, assuming their marriage does not work out (such as remarrying, or finding other life goals). Peoples being childless also seems to be on the rise.
May 2013
I was 19 and he was 23 when we got married. Everyone said that it would not last. He passed away almost a year and a half ago after 40 years together. We had our ups and downs, good times and bad, but we lasted.

While I have healed to the point that I miss having a companion in my life, I doubt I will ever marry again. I'm simply too set in my ways to live full time with anyone but my late husband.


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Apr 2013
La La Land North
Getting laid as often as possible? Who wants a constant diet of apples when there are also bananas, oranges and pomegranates out there. :)
May 2018
I will retire early, go on the dole and dedicate my life to spamming various internet forums with religious nonsense.

You just won the internet. :)

I'd like to get married someday. I just haven't found the right guy yet. I've come close a few times, but it wasn't quite right.