Amended: What Happens When They Squeeze A Bull’s Balls?

May 2018
East Coast Of U.S.A.
Andrea Mitchell is going long in the tooth. Her work for the United Nations promoting no-borders is showing signs of diminishing mental capacity:

Congratulations to Andrea Mitchell: you have now earned your place in broadcast history with the claim that calling the mob intent on violating our border a “caravan” demonizes them. If you don’t believe me, watch this video excerpt from her MSNBC show. She makes the idiotic claim at 1:00 minute into the segment.​

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC wins the prize for the stupidest comment on the border assault

MITCHELL: "To say nothing of the demonizing of all of this by calling them a caravan and -- and describing them based on --"​
RUCKER: "As criminals."​
MITCHELL: "-- no observable facts as --" [crosstalk]​


Mitchell should apologize, as should MSNBC. But I won't hold my breath.​

November 27, 2018​
Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC wins the prize for the stupidest comment on the border assault​
By Thomas Lifson​

It would be nice to know how many tax deductible advertising dollars Mitchell (born in 1946) collected in a TV career that spanned 42 years.

In fact, the amount of tax dollars paid to every on-camera star in television’s firmament must come to at least two billion dollars since 1950. Multiplying two billion by 20 is good guesstimate as to the amount of money everybody in television living on tax deductible advertising dollars received to date. Regardless of the exact total it is a god-awful amount spent on betraying the American people to global government.

Mitchell et al. are the face of betrayal the public sees, while the press barons pulling the strings remain far away from the camera’s eye. Any contempt the American people might have for TV anchors can be multiplied a million times towards the paymasters engineering television’s betrayal.

On the plus side, the global government crowd has a bull by the balls. United Nations asylum coupled with illegal immigration gives then no choice but to squeeze harder. The harder they squeeze the more the American people learn about them.