America Is Not a Democracy, but it should be, that is the problem

What is The United States

  • 1) a Republic

    Votes: 7 70.0%
  • 2) a Democracy

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  • 3) it is both a republic and a democracy

    Votes: 2 20.0%
  • 4) flawed democracy

    Votes: 1 10.0%
  • 5) an oligarchy

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Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
“The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

“I always knew the system was dysfunctional,” said Congressman Steve Israel. “Now it is beyond broken.”
America Is Not a Democracy
Nov 2017
The United States of America is a federated democratic constitutional republican secular nation with no royalty and no titles of nobility.
Dec 2015
I often hear people argue that the United States is a republic, not a democracy. But that’s a false dichotomy. A common definition of “republic” is, to quote the American Heritage Dictionary, “A political order in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who are entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them” — we are that. A common definition of “democracy” is, “Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives” — we are that, too.

The United States is not a direct democracy, in the sense of a country in which laws (and other government decisions) are made predominantly by majority vote. Some lawmaking is done this way, on the state and local levels, but it’s only a tiny fraction of all lawmaking. But we are a representative democracy, which is a form of democracy.
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