Americans Strongly Dislike PC Culture

Jan 2015
I always think that the P.C. should be decided by the people who are being respected in the individual circumstances.
For example: if a white man wears black face, it's racist. Now, if a white man puts on a fat stomach and a white curled wig and square glasses and impersonates Ben Franklin, but if he does the same thing in black face and impersonates an African American, it's racist. I have to admit, I'm not really sure why it's demeaning. If a kid in middle school LOVES Michael Jackson and wants to dress up like him on Halloween as a form of idol worship, it doesn't seem degrading to me. HOWEVER. It's not me that's being offended. And if the black community says they find it insulting, offensive, demeaning and degrading, there is no fucking way I'm going to say it's okay and try to come up with some kind of bizarre wackjob semantics gymnastics to attempt making it seem acceptable. If the people it's insulting say it's insulting... STOP DOING IT. Period.
And so it goes with almost all P.C. issues.
Granted, there are a few overboard ones. But, the vast majority of P.C. language is simply civilized, humane, polite, compassionate behavior towards others - unless you INTEND to be insulting and demeaning.
Well Blackface was used in the minstrel shows of the early 20th Century to mock and degrade Black folks, so I see why it would be offensive. I agree with most of your point.

But it all goes to crap when ppl get mad about Ariana Grande getting a tan, Cardi B talking about the government shutdown, and other stupid and meaningless nonsense.