America's Gun Violence and Homicide problem

Jul 2019
the president has officially blamed the media

awesome because no one will become radicalized against the media now like that Sayoc maniac (whose defense attorneys are saying he was literally radicalized by trump's tweets)

speaking of Sayoc, his sentencing is today
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Narrative #1. It’s because of violent video games
Nope. That would only be true if the US played violent video games at an exceptionally higher rate than any other country.

Narrative #2. It’s a mental health issue
Nope. Only 5% of people with mental illness commit mass shootings.

Narrative #3. It’s because we don’t have prayer in school
Nope. I don’t need to explain why this is a nope but swear to god this was brought up on national TV today.

Narrative #4. It’s a cultural issue.
Could be. But I was told America is the greatest country on earth, full stop, no questions asked. Those two things cannot be true at the same time.
There is no one single cause, it's a combination of multiple factors.

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So what is your solution? Yours seems to be do nothing, shrug your shoulders and let it continue. Do I have that about right?

Tell us your solution. I lost my brother to lax gun laws, so feel free to tell me your solution. You're quite frankly an idiot who has never had to deal with things like this. Given how frequently this occurs now, you'll be touched by it soon enough, rest assured.
My solution is to become more of a recluse so that you keep yourself out of harm's way. I too lost my brother to gun violence in 1983.
Dec 2015
I can tell you this for sure: Nothing will be done as long as we have a GOP president, GOP congress and GOP Supreme Court. The Party of NO is terrified, frantic, panicked at the thought of living without their military-type guns and as much ammunition as possible. Re-read that sentence because everyone needs to understand the type of FEAR we are talking about.
BUT....if the day EVER comes when Democrats have all three branches of government...we might see the following:
>Universal Background Checks, including private sales
>Limit sales of high capacity ammunition magazines
>Require a longer waiting period, licensing and training
>Disarm all domestic abusers, drug-related offenders, youth under the age of 21 (with military/employment exceptions)
>Red Flag buyers with mental disability/trauma issues
>Jack up the price of guns and ammo---add a huge luxury tax

This is where to start. In other words, make purchasing killing machines more difficult and more costly. That's it.
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