Amid Escalating Tension, Ukraine Bans Russian Men From Crossing Its Borders

Dec 2016
As long as you maintain that the Maidan revolution was not a popular revolution for the reasons I've detailed for you too many times, we have nothing further to discuss. You're wrong. Your error skews your reasoning.
What an infantile response! Is this your go-to strategy when your claims end up proven false and you run out of arguments?

I said early on in the Maidan Square Uprising that we were not being given the full picture, and there was more to the story. My suspicions kicked off just from looking at how an umbrella of mainstream and "alternative" media were so wrapped up with cheerleading a political movement that did not have much impact on our lives here. By comparison, look at this past week's riots (notice that MSM comes right out and calls them riots) in Paris, and compare how the stories are covered in the Media! Unlike Euromaidan...which was explained with some blather about the Government reneging on a promise to join the EU Market (who gives a crap?), the protesters in Paris are described as a collection of "extreme right and extreme left" agitators! Where acts of violence by protesters in Maidan Square were denied/or when video evidence was presented...excused as understandable excesses by angry protesters, the mostly peaceful Yellow Vest protesters in Paris are ignored, and the glaring eye of the MSM focuses on the fires, and the rock-throwers and the broken windows!

To me, it's a similar situation to what happened about 10 years ago, when our degenerate Conservative Prime Minister - Stephen Harper, was gifted with the reward of hosting a G-20 conference in Toronto. There were protesters in the streets who refused to go to a special 'protest playpen' zone blocks away from the convention center and were trying to march on the hq to stop the event from happening. The police surprisingly had no numbers....a small enough contingent to easily be pushed aside by the leading edge of the protesters, and an abandoned police car was left for unexplained reasons in the streets where the protesters were marching. When a larger contingent of cops brought out the batons and teargas, they beat back the front lines of the protesters..who retreated several blocks, while an even larger cop force "kettled" protesters with makeshift fencing in a temporary jail right out there on the streets....even trapping residents in the downtown neighborhood who were just trying to get home or go to work! That police car btw, was set on fire...and as darkness fell, that burning police car became the 30 second video image of the anti-G-20 protests in Toronto! Any cynic might conclude it was all a deliberate setup!

Now, I don't know how prepared Yanukovitch's Berkut forces were for the western-friendly Maidan protests, but in the days following the initial occupation of the Square, as it became clear that Yanukovitch was only prepared to talk making a deal/and would not resign, the Square changed from flag-waving marchers to goons with firebombs and makeshift slingshots to hurtle their flaming missiles at police lines and at government buildings. Those videos did not get the focus in our media here! Unless you were watching RT- International or homemade videos posted online, you wouldn't know that the situation had gotten ugly, and the leaders of the protest were leading a revolution/ not marching around singing or whatever!

But my greatest objection is that YOU and your friends and your favorite media sources Never mentioned the political and cultural divide within Ukraine, and how that would be impacted by a breakdown in civil order! Early on in the Maidan Uprising, I came across a blog post on "dream deferred" by a socialist former Guardian correspondent - Tash Shifrin, which provided some context to a story which our media was providing no context is typical these days, it all began yesterday! Shifrin pointed out what we were not being told in English language media -
Ukraine: the protest movement and the fascists

Huge protests have rocked Ukraine since November. Kiev’s main square has been occupied, there have been dramatic scenes of heavy fighting between militant protestors and police, and government buildings have been stormed and occupied too.​
But it was the fascist flags that first caught my eye when the protests escalated suddenly to draw in hundreds of thousands in the first days of December.​

Shifrin had been focused on covering extreme right fascist movements and militias in England, Northern Ireland and throughout the shared symbolism of fascists would understandably grab her attention:

Many reports were accompanied by pictures like the one above, an AP photo that appeared on the top of a Guardian piece (where it has since been replaced) and in this BBC report.​
They didn’t mention that the flags with the three-fingered logo are those of the fascist Svoboda party.​
This does not mean that all or most of the protestors are fascists. But it was clear from pictures coming out of Ukraine that the fascists had an open and sizeable presence in the protest, and this was accepted by the mass of the movement.​
Since then, the fascists have gained alarmingly in strength and influence, by taking the lead in some of the most militant actions. Hard-core fascists have been at the heart of the occupation of Kiev city hall and the heavy fighting against the police at the barricades of Hrushevskoho street.​
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Dec 2016
The real divide reflected in these protests is among Ukraine’s ruling class. Ukraine is an oligarchy: a small number of very rich and powerful people control huge swathes of the economy – and many of its politicians.​
That oligarchy is divided between those whose interests lie with the EU and those who profit from close ties with Russia. Coverage of the oligarchy has focused mainly on those pulling strings with the Yanukovych regime. But the pro-Euro side has its oligarchs too.​
One example is Yulia Tymoshenko, the jailed leader of the conservative Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) party, the largest involved in the protests. Tymoshenko set up a gas company that at one stage controlled up to one fifth of Ukraine’s economy.​
Neither bunch of oligarchs has the interests of ordinary people in Ukraine at heart. Nor do the EU and Russia, the big powers hovering on the borders who are assiduously courting the oligarchs and the main parties.​
Euromaidan – with its key demand the signing of the association agreement and alignment of Ukraine with the EU – is in effect a mass mobilisation behind a faction of the ruling class.​
Ukrainians urging a tie-up with the EU could usefully have a look at the experience of workers actually in the EU – for example in Greece, where the Euro-regime has brought abject misery.​
When Tory William Hague and his counterparts across the EU cry out in support of protestors, when German chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union is in alliance with the two largest opposition parties involved, alarm bells should ring.​
I don’t think people on the left should fall in behind the politicians and the press who urge the integration of Ukraine with the EU and lionise the pro-EU protestors as offering the true route to prosperity and democracy.​
Workers divided
Nor does Euromaidan unite workers in Ukraine. The protests, like the votes for the opposition parties at election time, mobilise mainly those from western and central Ukraine. Those in the south and east of the country vote heavily for Yanukovych’s pro-Russia Party of the Regions and have shown little support for Euromaidan.​

Election results, 2012. Blue: Party of the Regions, Pink: Fatherland, Brown: Svoboda, Red: UDAR, Orange: Communists. Pic credit: Olegzima

And the rest at: Ukraine: the protest movement and the fascists

I said at the time that this glorious "Orange Revolution" would either end with the Ukraine being divided into two nations or end in a massive genocide and ethnic cleansing of the 'unpatriotic' east! And that is sure as shit what has happened five years on! At first, your wonderful democrats from Kiev were trying to depopulate the East, rather than rule over a hostile local population, but it should have been obvious that Russia would not allow permanent refugee camps in their territories, and instead would give the Donbass rebels (who had already started mobilizing even before Yanukovitch was gone) enough hardware to defend themselves from a mostly incompetent Kiev regime. The Donbass brigades became filled with Russian military veterans signing up....legally or not...even commanders like a former high-ranking Russian officer code named: Igor Strelkov, broke through over-extend Ukrainian lines and was leading his force south to take the port city of Mariupol, when the Russian Government told him to pull back or face repercussions! Whatever you say about Putin, he stopped the Donbass rebels from claiming territory where their people were in the majority and after some fighting, would have likely secured control and made this whole Sea of Azov issue irrelevant!
Nov 2012
Lebanon, TN
Thank goodness there are no demorcrats in the Ukranian government. They would bring a law suit

Thank Goodness Trump has stated the US Resolve to stand with the Ukrainian