An official impeachment inquiry vote coming?

Dec 2018
I can't confirm these two things are related, but I think the 2-1 vote last week on the appeals court regarding Trump's taxes is, in part, triggering this.

The lone judge to dissent wrote this:

"As explained below, allegations of illegal conduct against the President cannot be investigated by Congress except through impeachment. The House may impeach for “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors,” and has substantial discretion to define and pursue charges of impeachment. While it is unnecessary here to determine the scope of impeachable offenses, Congress has frequently treated violations of statutes or the Constitution as meeting this threshold. Impeachment provides the exclusive method for Congress to investigate accusations of illegal conduct by impeachable officials, particularly with the aid of compulsory process."

So if this is going to go to the Supreme Court, holding an official vote to trigger an impeachment inquiry might be insurance in case a conservative supreme court justice wants to take this position.

By the way it should be noted, ironically, this dissenting judge was judge Neomi Rao. She was appointed to this position after it was left vacant by... Brett Kavanaugh. Because of course lol
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