Dec 2016
This is just the beginning. China's not going to cave on trade, they don't have to.
What happened about all the bullshit historical revisionism we were getting back in the late- 70's and 80's that nations that are trading partners don't go to war with each other?
Of course, the pro-free trade grifters that were sent out by policy think tanks all across the media landscape never heard of World War One!
Dec 2016
i support socialist china
China today is a long, long way off socialism! Although they do have an autocratic CP leadership that imprisons and even executes millionaires and billionaires on corruption charges every now and then to show who's in charge!
Which reminds me, how many years has it been since a Wall Street banker or fund manager wasn't allowed to bribe or bargain away financial corruption charges?
Dec 2016
Dow Ends Off More Than 800 Points, Nasdaq Loses 4% Stocks crumbled Wednesday as fears of higher rates and a slowing economy sent Wall Street to its worst day since February.

Here Are 3 Hot Things to Know About Stocks Right Now
  • The Dow lost 831 points for the day, its third worst point decline ever.
  • The S&P 500 saw its worst fall since Feb., and its lowest close since July 11 as it marked 5 consecutive losing sessions.
  • The Nasdaq tumbled 4% as chipmakers led the slide.
  • Sears Holdings Corp. (SHLD - Get Report) fell 14% following a report it has hired advisors to prepare a bankruptcy filing.
Dow Ends Off More Than 800 Points, Nasdaq Loses 4%
The losses are continuing to pile up today! I'll be interested in seeing if the same dynamic happens today that occurred yesterday-- where the Dow Average dropped about 180 to 200 points...started to rebound a the fluffers that pretend to be financial experts on TV were hoping for a rally....then the bottom fell out when a lot of stockholders decided there was nowhere to go but down and decided to sell out and minimize their losses.
I know it's not even noon yet, and there are many members of the Transnational Capitalist Class who have billions in manufacture money they can pour in to stocks to try to keep everything above water....but it looks like the same pattern happening today! So, what happens when the big stakeholders decide the phony values of stocks and bonds can't be supported and start heading for the exits at a quicker rate?

And I forgot to add my original point--if the market crashes and even the rich aren't getting richer, Donald is toast, but toast nevertheless! There is a segment of supporters who don't like him and think he's a dangerous idiot, but still think he is the man who's going to MAGA. If the economy goes down the sewer....which it eventually will because it's built on sandcastles of accumulated debt, then Trump may as well bow out instead of seeking re-election. Even his own pool of swimming sharks won't support him!
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Apr 2013
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And oil prices are dropping in anticipation of manufacturing and transportation being hurt by the deficit and tariffs.

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