Andrew Yang (D), candidate who's running for POTUS, on C-SPAN

Nov 2017
I was listening to C-SPAN radio station in my car, and they were playing the audio for this:

During the 29th minute, he's talking about how all of the sudden he became cool; when he said that it hit me - maybe this is the reason the Democrats are bringing in this Robert Francis O'Rourke (someone with the alias Beto O'Rourke) to run for POTUS. Those who aren't Democrats (or at least not racists) may not understand what that's all about, unless you're seeing what I may have stumbled upon as an outsider. My conjecture is that being the white supremacist racists that the Democrats are or can be, they probably consider the idea of having an Asian in the White House unacceptable & unthinkable, so they need to bring in another cool guy (one who isn't Asian) to keep the cool Chinese guy from becoming POTUS.

To be fair, though, there is another possibility (although I don't know how plausible it is, but it still entails pandering to white Democrats); his parents are from Taiwan, and I this has also been in the news:

China's Worst Nightmare: A U.S. Military Presence on Taiwan?

It could be that the Red Chinese don't want someone whose parents are from Taiwan in the White House, so perhaps they could be behind such efforts to prevent Yang from reaching the White House.

Personally I get a kick out of the idea of having such an individual in the White House that the Red Chinese would have to contend or deal with as the leader of the US, but unfortunately many of Yang's platform positions are some of the typical Leftist/socialist Democrat policies that are atrocious (but there are some policies & positions Yang has that I agree with over corresponding Republican policies/positions).

Perhaps Yang could ditch the Lefty/socialist policies & positions, learn the error in his ways, champion some more conservative and libertarian positions, and run as a Republican in 4 years, in which case he might very well be a candidate to contend with at that point.

I say in 4 years because frankly, I've reached the point where I don't expect Trump to lose a 2nd term run for office & won't even be bothering discussing or debating about that; Trump is way too far ahead in planning future moves in a game of 3D chess - and knowing how to play it well, against people who don't even know how to play "2D" checkers too well.

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