Another example of Trump's SOP

Feb 2019
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You're in favor of impeachment if and only if Congressional Democrats are denied the redacted documentation currently withheld by Trump and Barr. Clearly disingenuous.
So you are admitting that the evidence they have currently is not enough?

Moreover, you are saying that Mueller had the evidence and is just going to let Trump hide it?

Really? If Mueller really had the smoking gun, he should have no fear in coming out with it. In fact, he has an obligation to do so.
Nov 2005
I think I understand the myriad of laws that Progressives have drowned us with. It is a complex web of never ending regulations and laws that at one time or another, everyone has violated.
At this stage you are just throwing out mindless blame as obvious excuses with no cogent logic other than an attempt to provide any justification (however flimsy) for Trump (and your own) hypocrisy!

Trump was said to have made a joke about grabbing women over a decade ago in private.
A joke is something people laugh at.
Nobody laughed.
Trump tried multiple excuses. He tried claiming the audio was a fake. Then he claimed locker room talk.
It's disgusting and it's disgusting to see people like you try to sweep it under the rug.

Yet we have Joe Biden openly fondling women and children on tape and nothing is said about it?
MANY people are talking about that.
I don't want Biden in the White House for the same reason.

Very telling. Show me any video of Trump that is similar.
Other examples of Trump being a perv.
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Nov 2005
Obama did not take his criticism from the main stream media like Trump.

No one in the main stream media was calling Obama Hitler.
Are you blind or do you have a short term memory problem?
Why Republicans are obsessed with comparing Obama to Hitler

No actors were simulating chopping off his head. And if they had publically threatened blowing up the White House with Obama in it, they would have been arrested.
I already showed you this but you're ignoring it.
7 Stars Who Imagined Violence Against Barack Obama, Democrats (Photos)

As for Trump being a moron, this is the same characterization that all GOP Presidential candidates must deal with. Again, it's just an attempt to destroy them and slander them to win an election.
1) Trump IS a moron.

2) Presidential candidates ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE get called names.
It astounds me that you talk as if it's only one side!
Jul 2018
Trump World! Where the circus is always in town.
I doubt that any evidence will likely influence your opinion. It turns out that sort of determined committment to whatever Trump wants is essential to him, as with most wanna dictards.
I did not even bother to ansewer him because he was so ridiculous.
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