Another Leaf Unfolds In Trump/Cindy Yang Tale. She's Active In A Chinese Communist Organization

Nov 2012

Watching the Trump, Putin saga unfold, China’s ability to keep mud from splattering on them has been impressive. Until now. Cindy Yang is actively associated with a Chinese Communist Party organization pushing for take-over of Taiwan. As journalists keep worrying this bone (it’s got sex in it, they should) it seems certain more goo will fall out. It’s a long shot, but some of the mud -might- land near Elaine Chao.

The DailyBeast reminds us that the Steele Dossier actually extended its reach to Chinese influence with Trump and how some Republicans welcomed the Trump/Putin problem because it deflected from Trump/Republican/China issues:

Another Leaf Unfolds In Cindy Yang/Trump Tale. She's Active In A Chinese Communist Organization

Mitch McConnells Actions Now start to become more clear.

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