Anti-Constitution and Anti-American University of California, Berkeley Settles Anti-First Amendment Suit

Jun 2012
Berkeley to pay the Young America's Foundation $70,000 and change their biased anti-First Amendment antics against conservatives: link
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Jun 2018
South Dakota
This is only the begining
Rulings like this establish a form of precedent. This in turn follows the trail of other suits seeking damages or criminal convictions which shoud be the case. Liberals can't argue civil rights volations based on their "what's right" beliefs.
Sep 2018
cleveland ohio
Yup, they are called amendments.

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yes i agree that is part of it, but also its interpretation by the suprme court as the supreme court itself says the constituion is exctly what the supreme court says it means, and that changes does it not ever hear of the fcc?

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