AOC Called It: The Incumbent She Defeated Is Now A Lobbyist Promoting Trumps Trade Deal

Nov 2012
For years, former New York Rep. Joe Crowley was moving up the line to become Speaker of the House, but he should never have been allowed to climb the party hierarchy to begin with. He was everything the Democratic Party should have been fighting against: a corporate elitist who always talked out of both sides of his mouth. He was an establishment “centrist” in a deep-blue district, the kind of person more concerned with calls for civility than anger over Trump’s humanitarian atrocities. Crowley, who didn’t even live in the district he was serving, was also an arrogant bastard who sent a surrogate to debate his 2018 primary opponent, a young restaurant worker and longtime activist. Classless to the end, Crowley, who lost that primary, threw all kinds of childish tantrums, up to and including undermining a colleague who backed his 28-year-old opponent after she won her seat in November.

AOC called it: The incumbent she defeated is now a lobbyist promoting Trump's trade deal

No. She's not an extremist. The so called "centrists" are just as beholden to corporate interests as their whores in the Republican party are. And they will all continue to pay a price for their positions.

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