AOC cries that Fox is the reason she's in the toidy in the polls

Oct 2010
How can that be? If that's true then Trump should be over 60% positive. He's got the rest of the leftist media against him and she's got the same leftist media for her. Perhaps it's because she's a brainless socialist dupe?
Crybaby Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blames Unpopularity on Breitbart
[raises hand]

So you’re going to criticize AOC for calling out biased media while at the same time criticizing biased media?
Yowzer UDub, c'mon Clicker....

Jul 2008
Virginia Beach, VA
That's just part of the delusion. Most of my friends are D/lib. Ten, maybe 20 percent of them like AOC. I'm sorry if that's disappointing to the R/cons who seem to get so much pleasure from their AOC schadenfreude moments.

Dan Quayle?!?!?

You know, if I'd thought about it more, I would have seen coming Trump's nomination and election. After all, R/cons voted for a presidential ticket with DQ as VP three decades ago.

During that time, US public schools continued their slow slide, coupled with ESL and the mainstreaming of the seriously handicapped, both physically and mentally or both, with the overall result, the "dumbing down'' of America, the party that elected DQ was ready to move on up to Trump for president.
For me someone like Trump was almost inevitable after the GOP put Palin on the ticket as VP

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