Are democrats bisexualphobic?

Feb 2019
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Progressive revolt against Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema is exactly why Trump will win (again)

Here we have a bisexual democrat being censured by her own party for supposedly not joining the "resist Trump/GOP at all costs" movement. We are then led to believe this is because democrats have declared jihad with moderates, which I think is true. They have all been radicalized. It is Venezuela or bust!!

However, I got to thinking. Bisexuals never get any media attention. They are the last letter in the LTGB movement, and there is no thought to letting them marry the two people they seem to love.


Mindless hypocrites

What is up with that? Are bisexuals the step children of the alphabet people? Hell, gay women get their own "L" designation while gay men I guess don't matter as much. Obviously, the lesbians rule the roost.
Dec 2015
This issue is a Veggie Burger---NO MEAT--no substance. Sinema was elected BECAUSE she's a moderate--a centrist...and as the article says "she has voted against Trump’s positions 81% percent of the time this year..."
Sinema supported a 2-year's radical!
Sinema confirmed Esper, Defense Sec and Bernhardt, Interior. Another SHOCKING move! AND we were all conned by Barr.
He was a convincing actor, answering with a script. Well now we know-- Barr LIED to the American people.

I don't agree with some of her decisions, but she's level-headed, smart, cautious and she does her research. AND here's something that is probably astonishing to Red Heads: Sinema is attempting to REPRESENT her STATE--a STATE that has been RED for decades and is gradually turning PURPLE. She's walking a very fine line which is almost impossible these days.