Are Public Schools Designed to be Propaganda Systems to Indoctrinate the Young?

Feb 2014
Okay. Hold the phone, Athena. I'm responding to this statement:

Let's see if this adds up. I'm a teacher for 40 years--all levels--many subject areas. You were not a teacher.....ever?? AND yet you feel justified in stating that "CLARA does not understand the importance of the Enlightenment to our democracy"?? Because that was never taught in our time?

You feel entitled to evaluate MY education, although we (you and I) never attended the same schools, in the same states, taught by the same teachers, using the same curric...but you somehow KNOW what I was taught??

Would you like to reevaluate that statement?? I'm not even going to defend WHAT I taught or how I taught it, but you MIGHT want to look at what is required BY LAW--in every state. You might want to review the required state standards. You might want to research educational mandates. AND...You might want to reconsider your position.
I am very sorry for offending you. That was not my intention, but I mentioned the enlightenment and you replied by talking about children's eyes lighting up. What was I suppose to think about your understanding of the importance of the enlightenment to our democracy and why education is so important?

For almost 200 years our public education indoctrinated children so we would have a strong and united republic public and we are no longer united but have reactionary politics that means a very unstable republic that is swinging in extremes; with new presidents destroying the progress made by previous presidents, and I am trying to address this very serious problem in a thread about education indoctrinating children. The indoctrination of our children is radically different from what it was before the 1958 National Defense Education Act.

Your defensiveness as though I am attacking teachers, the most important people on earth, and telling me of your niceness and joy in seeing children's eye's lighting up is not the same discussion. How is it possible to bridge between what you think is important and what I think is important about the radical change in public education?

Correct my misunderstanding of your understanding of the enlightenment, the importance of education and what it has to do with our democracy and liberty, please. Assume I am talking about a radical change in public education, instead of assuming I am attacking teachers and give me your understanding of that change in public education and the huge difference between liberal education and education for technology, and the social, economic and political ramifications of that change, okay?

You are justified to doubt my knowledge of what goes on in a school. I am sure my understanding is extremely different from yours because it comes from old books about education. Did your instruction as a teacher teach you the history of education and the many different purposes for education? You were taught by a system that changed to meet a changed purpose of education. What do you know about that?

PS our democracy was made strong by women who began teaching when they were 18 years old. They were put in charge of one room schools and there was no policy nor mandates by law, controlling them, but these women were the authority in their classroom, for as long as the people in the community wanted her as a teacher. I am not attacking teachers but a changed system that has robbed teachers of their power and authority and I am saying the purpose of education has been radically changed.
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