Are there any conservative women that come here?

Jun 2005
Corpus Christi, Texas
There are very few women who frequent DTT, but yes, there have been conservative women who have posted on this site. There are reasons why women don't stick around for long.
I have been back here for a few days and I already see plenty of reasons conservatives don't post here for very long. The insulting, ad hominem attacks from many in this forum get old very quickly.
Dec 2013
Beware of watermelons
Sister, we've got an abundance of liars on DTT but Lee is not one of them. See if you can find them. Here's a hint: Look for all the posts without links, sources, quotes, videos or audio.

Look for any source that reminds you of Breitbart, Fox, National Review, or the ever-entertaining Limbaugh/Beck teams. THAT's where you'll find the liars and conspiracy theorists. Also, you should pay special attention to anything coming from the White House.

I am glad that you can finally admit it. Acceptance is a giant step towards recovery.