Are they racist? Are devils? Do they even deserve a right to be happy?

Mar 2020
Land of Freedom
The Right to Happiness

Do white people in America have a right to be happy? Do they deserve the right to have their own place, even if it is in the smallest corner? Just the thinnest slice of the cake?

The most happy nations in the world are homogeneous populations of well-constituted people, good looking on average, organized, intelligent, and capable of creating art and civilization. Should they be allowed to keep their health, beauty, and unbroken heritage?

Some argue that the good should be made equal, at least more like ugly and dysfunctional countries, and forced to accept many people from failed civilizations to destroy the happiness the good people unfairly enjoy. Wrecking the source of their happiness will put them on a similar level to other populations.

People from failed cultures and other backward countries are ranked as being miserable because of the poverty and filth they've created. Perhaps the solution is taking the good people away from their nations and sending them to horribly failed nations, all nations could be made equal, so long as the good people do not stay among their own kind and create civilization for themselves again.