Author: Rove exit signals 'end of Bush presidency'


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Nov 2005
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garysher said:
What a pity the US system won't allow the Presidential election to be held this November, instead of limping along with a lame duck President and endless "debates" for another 15 months.
I agree whole heartedly!
Jan 2006
And the NewsClips showed Karl Rove hauling his own baggage across the tarmac, heading home, and away from the White House. What a Dog'nPony Show.


"What Karl has done throughout the years is turn everything political. He has taken the institutions of our government and our country and he‘s turned them into political institutions in ways that they never were used before. Federal agencies are used to accumulate political power. Everything they did was to accumulate political power. And eventually, what happened was that when those agencies were called upon to serve the constituencies that elected people to Washington, when they were unable to do that, the public finally said, we have had enough. We get what‘s going on here. Karl did not see that coming. But that does not mean he is not a bright political guy. It just means that nothing else mattered to him beyond the accumulation of political power. It was not about serving the people that sent them to Washington." — Author James Moore on Countdown 13 August 2007