Ayahuasca visions showed artist an ancient woodworking technique that he is now using to produce unique wood sculptures

Feb 2006
During an Ayahuasca ceremony, Chris Isner received clear instructions about an ancient woodworking technique that he now uses to record his and his client’s visions into unique wood sculptures. His work fascinates and everybody asks what materials he is using. It’s hard to believe it’s just wood but as a conscious human being Chris is not using any wood — but only reclaimed “guilt-free” wood.

Chris Isner loves his work and has already created some astonishing pieces that you can see in detail on his website at http://isnervision.com. But his best work are commissioned pieces where the synergy of two minds can produce breath-taking results. I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris and I invite you to dive in the life of one person whose life was positively impacted by Ayahuasca and psychedelics. His work stands proof.
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