Back for a peek...

Nov 2012
Gamma Solaris
Hope you've all been well. Just thought I'd look in to see what the Communists are up to! :winktongue:

Got a divorce...had aortoplasty...and, kidney stones. The stones were the worst, though!

My old Golden Retriever, Buddy, died...and...I recently got a Labradoodle x GR boy, now, "Knucklehead". He's an Olympian and I think he was a Frisbee in a former life.

Off to Nashville...again...another album.

It was good to see the new format,'s like a new suit. Not Armani...but...Hong Kong style will do!

Australia's well better off thanks to President Trump making both the TPP and the Paris Accord a thing we passed on, too. There's even a movement developing to leave the UN. Politics, here...are shifting away from the majors to populist parties...with President Trump's efforts being shadowed by our Third Force.

Oh, yeah...we hit 25M last August and now have our tourist sector more than happy with the 8.5M visitors a year...1/3 of our base population. The sector is Beefalo, grain fed lamb...and Boer goats are now being supplied to $ucce$$ful bidders.

And, it's good to have some DTT "defectors" over on "the other place"!

Take care....


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